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Hey bro, how did you learned to make such cool vhs rpg maker games? That is really cool!

Thanks; lots of youtube tutorials and experimenting with the engine

Yeah, you so inspired me with this style :D 

And it's sad, that i think just you is making RPG Maker games styled like this, I mean for me, making games like this in RPG Maker is an excellent idea

And i have a question, are you using Parallax Mapping?


And, is it okay if i would make a game in RPG Maker, with style like this? I mean the like 90s VHS era, like i don't want to make your pixelart  style or something like that, but just the CRT VHS look?

yeah go for it


This game was a lot of fun to play, which surprised me because normally I dont enjoy games where I cant save XD

I also did a lets play if anyone wants to check it out ^^

game of all time. it rewired my brain. any time i get the chance i ramble about this game hard and beg my friends to go play it. one of my most favorite vidy games and horror media of all time

The game wont go fullscreen, the resolution just stretches, the actual game is only probably 600 pixels, alt enter or resizing it still ha white bars above it, i'm on windows btw, plz help id love to play this game

You can press F4 on all my games to toggle fullscreen


we really enjoyed this game! Great work! Keep it up πŸ‘πŸ»

It's aight.

I really enjoyed the game. I could tell lots of care and effort went into it.

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Please make it claimable




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Both of Your game look sick, Great job! Are you interested in a co-op bundle? I recently finished an update for my game ([DIS] Assemble) and we are making a pre black friday bundle with another art asset pack

I love the game! It was worth the price. I am not into horror games that much, but this was not too scary. Mostly creepy vibes lol. 

Possible SPOILER: What happens if you give the nicotine vestige more than one cigarette?


He craves more until you give him all the cigarettes (You cannot save once to accomplish this) in which he hands you a item that can trigger one of the 5 endings.

More good stuff! Can't wait to see what you make next :)

Hey, nice one! Looks like you've done it again, a solid and spooky horror game especially for the price. I'm sad there's never really any answers to the questions raised during the game, but then again I think that's the style of this kind of horror, and explaining things would probably just diminish the scares anyway. Great job dude, thanks for the key and hope you're finding success from these!

hey thanks for playing!

glad you were able to get the key

I can download it but it doesn't open it to me, someone help me

hi there! i saw someone playing this game and loved it and wanted to play myself but the app doesnt seem to be working for me! I'm on mac, Catalina 10.15.4 and all that shows up when I try to run the game is "game cannot be opened", any suggestions?


mac is a little tricky when it comes rpgmaker games. Try running the whole folder instead.

Also be sure that you have downloaded the mac version, and unzipped it.

yeah macs can be pretty unruly. Unfortunately I can't run a whole folder, just the game app. Tried reinstalling but same issue


...i dont get it. the meaning of this game, i mean. like. what.... does any of it mean? whats the story here? im too dumb to understand the deeper meaning behind all of it


My YouTube video on this game! 😱


Although not a major fan of the rogue-lite mechanic, I was drawn into the world of Nobody's home with the storyline and trying to find out what had happened. The collectibles to progress further felt justified rather than forced, and the multiple endings had me playing again to find out what the overall story would be. The fighting mechanic seemed a little tacked on, and a few trial and error elements were a little grating, but overall a recommended experience!

Check out my playthrough here:

This is a really good game! Very easy once you get the mechanics down, and I enjoyed discovering all of the endings!

Really enjoyed it! Would love to see a longer project from you!


just bought and played this! i really dig oates' style, riding that line between kinda cute and really unsettling. i'm a biiit sad it wasn't longer (i mean I was sad No Delivery wasn't longer so this for sure) but I like some of the concepts introduced and think it could stand to be a fantastic expanded game. and i dunno, that one phone call kinda fucked me up, well done

Oh dang, another. You've only made 2 things that i can tell, and they're both so cool. You made this one stand out from no delivery, too. Love the art and the sound. Would love to see more from you.

Pikasprey and ManlyBadassHero played your game ^^

SKIP TO 8:23!!!

jackass #136 here to turn in his video!! jokes aside, excellent game. some of the story stuff i wasn't crazy about, but i loved the graphics, the house setting (wood paneling ftw), and the combat. i now have the urge to drink and smoke


Pretty great game:) loved it 

Really cool game! I got all the endings but I think I messed one up and didn't get a part of the phone number because of the steps I took to get there. I had so much fun playing this and the art style is so cute! The vestige has stolen my heart. 

Is the game finished and needs no more updates?


Yeah, the game’s finished 

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Pros and cons are down below, check out my vid (the game is the first one):


1.  The plot, the mystery is awesome! I liked the fact that you don't really understand what is going on till the end but you are so interested in it!

2. Mechanics are super cool. The on;y game that allows you drink as much beer as you can handle AND it's good for you.

3. The artstyle is super nice! I like the main character and the whole building - the way we wake up is pretty funny. Loved it!

Disadvantages (and possible ways to develop the game):

1. There are some definite lack of lore - who asked us for cigarette butts? Why pizza gave the main character uneasy feelings e.t.c.

2. Maybe I didn't find something - but is there a way to get a good ending? I replayed the game several times and still couldn't get a good one. Moreover, giving cigarette butts to the ghost didn't do anything for me (maybe I am just stupid) but there could me more navigation in the game.

3. The battles could be more interesting id enemies could hit you back on their own but that does not happen :(

Overall, amazing experience! Thank you so musch! I will rate you 5/5. Hope my feedback was useful)

You think the way the character wakes up is funny? Really? I think it's disturbing and unfortunately all too real. The pizza thing I think is a nod to oates's previous game No Delivery.

Well, the video was completely different, so nothing disturbing there. Moreover, we don't know the full story, so there is no reason to assume something horrible. I just didn't expect that, that is why it seemed funny to me. I hope you don't think that zombie-infested houses are all too real and games can't be funny) so, yeah, really)) I don't understand why it was necessary for you to question other person's perception, but I hope you were not offended by it.

Thanks for the explanation of pizza thingy btw) and for reading this comment) If you want you can check out my channel or my other reviews and maybe question something there as well) I would be happy to answer!)

I wasn't offended by it, and I didn't mean to offend you either. I just thought it was an important point to bring up. The point is that when you start the game, you don't know the full story. So seeing a girl surrounded by empty beer bottles waking up (seemingly from a drunken stupor) on a bed with a camera pointed at it and text telling you to "Find a way out" creates a rather powerful image without any other context. And yes, that is a reality for many girls. I wasn't speaking to the rest of the game. 

I thought that this was oates's intention, but of course I don't know unless they say so explicitly. But they did say in an interview something to the effect of the game tackling some darker subject matter and worrying about not wanting it to be distasteful. I think oates did a good job of not taking it there, hence the tape being a totally different thing (thank goodness). I noticed oates does that sort of thing a lot, taking the suggestion of something and subverting it to mess with the player, but also to avoid getting too explicit or distateful (like with the adult channel in No Delivery). And also oates is good at combining the disturbing and humorous, and said in the same interview that they wanted this game to mix dissonant feelings.

Again, I didn't mean to come off as aggressive, and I didn't mean that I'm right and you're wrong, but I thought it was worth pointing out that I felt so differently than you did about it because there is so much to unravel with this game and No Delivery and really not enough discussion about oates's games! 

In the video I referred to the main character as "they" and "main character" because I can't say that they look like a girl, just wanted to add.

Now I really want to check out "No delivery"! You know lots of oates' games, that's impressive! Do you know more really good indie horror games maybe? I would love to check out more things like this game

Oh, I guess I took for granted that the main character is female. 

You should check out No Delivery! And if you like that, you might want to check out One Night at the Steeze on, which is sort of like a prototype of No Delivery. 

The one game I can think of as being similar to these games is Lisa The Painful RPG by dingaling boy, although I'm not exactly sure if I'd call it horror. But it has the same perfect mix of dark, disturbing, and hilarious. And it's an all around great game with interesting battle mechanics. The music reminds me of the music in No Delivery, too. The prequel, Lisa The First, is more outright disturbing and sad (so perhaps more horror-like), but it's shorter and not as fleshed out and quite different from its sequel, gameplay wise. 

Yo, thanks for your thoughts and for checking out the interview!

Glad to know the game can broach the matter tastefully

What a great experience. I simply loved the atmosphere. I managed to find 5 different endings, but the fact that I had to find the fourth missing number by brute force makes me wonder if there is something more to be uncovered. Thank you for making this game :)

Cool game, kinda weird. Was not expecting it to be like this when I first played it. So, not bad!

This was the best game I've played in awhile, but a few things confused me. Check out my video if you get time. New to this and hope to get some views. Really enjoyed making this. Thanks! 

I love 2D pixel games! this was amazing!

This was a really cool experience. Took me a little bit of time to figure out how everything works, but once I did, it was really fun and interesting to try to solve all the little bits and pieces of this game. Very well done!!!


Thanks but should be claimable if it's 100% off.


I agree. Now i lost the opportunity =(

Hello! i really enjoyed playing this game i played your last game no delivery so when i saw that you made another game i knew i had to immediately get it and it did not disappoint i have not finished this game yet but i have made let play of my reaction so far so i hope you enjoy that video and hopefully the next video i make will be me finishing it i hope to see what else you come up with and also have a great day!

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