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Nice game, i appreciate you making it free at least for the time.


it's really impressive and inspiring to see what you are doing with the RPG Maker MV engine! Your hard work is very much appreciated!


How to fullscreen?

I just use alt+enter but since it's a rpg maker game F11 might work as well.


Looks like a fun game, definitely going to try it out. Even though it says free atm, I noticed there doesn't seem to be a way to claim it and add it to your account.


Click on the orange download button above, then click on the option which reads " No thanks just take me to the downloads" and then click on the download link for your relevant operating system.


No that's how you download the game. On here you can claim a game and add it to your library for future use if you don't want to download it right now. Which this game is missing.

Ah, i see. Sorry, i misunderstood.

This game was amazing!!!

It was really good. I'll give your video a watch.

Thanks so much

Of course my friend. :)


This is a really cool game.


really simple but also super fun, got 2 of the endings so far. thank you, I needed something to make my quarantine less boring lol. i'll definitely be checking out your other work :)

Pretty fun game, didn't beat it, but really cool


thank you for making this game free

amazing game thanks for making this game free so im also planning to make a series out of it :)


Do you ever plan to release like a walkthrough or guide for No Delivery and Nobody's Home? I really enjoy these games a lot but I can't seem to figure out how to get some of the endings. Especially in this game. Regardless, great job on this game!  


maybe, but probably not as extensive as No Delivery’s walkthrough/guide

I wasn't aware No Delivery had a guide. Can you send me a link? I couldn't find one anywhere.

Super impressive! A bit obtuse at times but mostly for the better. I love multiple endings and the granularity here (plus losing access to some paths by saving) makes for an interesting replayability, although I don't know if I'll tough it out for every ending.

trying to run this thru mac os x 10.15 . when i try to open the game, even w control+click, it just says "the application "Game" can't be opened." any possible fixes?


The dev didn't make the actual app itself an executable file. To fix, this will require some knowledge of Terminal.

1. Open Terminal

2. Enter this command: 

cd /Applications/Nobody\'s\ 

Note: The path here may differ if you put the "Nobody's Home" app elsewhere on your hard drive

3. Enter this command:

chmod +x nwjs

4. Close Terminal

5. From Finder, double-click the app

6. If you get anything telling you the app won't open because it's from an unverified developer, open System Preferences, go to "Security & Privacy," click the "General" tab, and click "Open Anyway" at the bottom of the window.

7. Try opening the app again.

Note: For me, the app crashed on startup due to a fatal error. Here's to hoping you have better luck.

When i tried to install the game theres an message saying; "No compatible uploads were found for this title" any ideas on how to fix this?

I had the same issue, and I'm using Mac Catalina. Did you fix it?

Doesn't work for me either. Even when i download it directly and do chmod it doesn't work.

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The initial area is really tough, but I think it serves well to eventually teach the player to think of this game more like a puzzle than a turn based RPG? That aside, you really crafted a chilling atmosphere for this one from the sound effects to the aesthetics.  I've only gotten one ending so far, but I'm very much looking forward to going back in for the others. 

got "Can not open this App" on Mac

Right click on the application and select open. Your Mac will ask if you're sure? Then click yes and the game should start running

There is no "are you sure" dialogue. Even with chmod it doesn't work.

Here's the gameplay as well.

It's not letting me download the game saying no compatible uploads!

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I think... I might have gotten all of them... amazing variation and systematic gameplay

Looks like Mother 3 in a way.

OATES!!!!! I loved, loved LOVED no delivery, and I had no idea this was made by YOU! Once I have more money, I want to give you all I can!

Honestly couldn't get past the beginning. Tried saving first thing, tried giving the cigarette bud to the nicotine ghost dude, nothing helped much. Either way, I've barely managed to kill the hallway dude once, and I'm not sure why the amount of empty bottles (I made sure to drink some) and cans are just not enough to finish him off otherwise. I feel like there's a very specific amount of everything that needs to be done to make everything work, and that's a bit frustrating.


the first hallway enemy may take both bottle and can attacks + shove attacks to defeat.
The beginning should only really have enough resources for that battle

Show post...









darn nicely done!

Killer after party!!! 

Well-crafted game as usual, from aotes!

kewl! I wish I could of played it more, made you a video: 


You definitely have the horror npc dialog and interactions down pat. Always look forward to more of your creations.

Can't seem to figure out what the rope in the TV room does though.

if you go back up the stairs into the living room, look closely at the fireplace. The rope caused something to appear in there. You will see a little sparkle :)


Can't seem to download through the itch launcher.  Takes me to download page, and when I confirm - it just says there is nothing found for it.


I can’t seem to add this to my account. Just takes me to the download page, no pop up saying that I claimed and added it to my account.


it’s set to be “cannot be claimed”, and can only be downloaded.

really cool game <3 loved the art and the general vibe, also preety simple and easy to play

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i dont know if this is a bug or maybe im doing something wrong, but despite having 4+ crushed cans/bottles, you can only use one of each against the zombie/creepy person in the hallway when you first start the game. I can't proceed if I've already used the cigarette to save either, forcing me to play a new game ):

Edit: for clarification, this is after collecting all cans/bottles in the starting room, which includes several crushed cans, leaving the room and initiating the encounter, without using any of the items to heal yourself.

to pop off an attack, you need the required amount of bottles or crushed cans. You may only have enough for 1 use each using what you found only, but you can get more items by using the healing items outside of combat

So, even though it shows i have 3 crushed cans, I can only use one? Because that was pretty confusing;; I managed to figure out how to navigate past this part and completed the game regardless but I figured it was worth mentioning!

I'm having the same issue as the other user. In the battle sequence it says I have x4 bottles, I use one, then it says I have x3 and won't allow me to use another. Same for the cans etc. Makes it a bit confusing since it shows I have some available but then refuses to use them. 

I thought the number was a requirement. For example, I want to "bottle attack" this zombie, but I need four bottles to perform the attack.


It’s exactly like what the comment above says, the requirement is 4 bottles and 3 cans. It doesn’t show how many you have in your inventory, just how much it takes for an attack


Cool, I put you up on the homepage! Congrats on the launch.


I got the game

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