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Halloween After Special is a collection of VCRPG gameplay previews and tech demos developed through the course of this and last year (2020 - 2021).

Experience the boredom of a Halloween night spent inside!

Stay in for...

  • An all-night marathon of horror movies and commercials!
  • Your new job at the Supermarket!
  • Procrastination on the Internet!
  • Detention!
  • A relaxing late-night drive through the countryside.

The following previews are not representative of final gameplay and are subject to change.

Content Warning:
Some segments may contain flashing + strobing lights and effects, gore, gun violence, death, explicit language, disturbing images and themes.
The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual events, person(s), or places is purely coincidental.

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  • It is not recommended to play from the index file.
The Dead await...
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(39 total ratings)
Tags16-bit, Atmospheric, Female Protagonist, Halloween, Horror, Narrative, Pixel Art, RPG Maker, Spooky, Survival Horror


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I'm having a real fun time playing through your catalogue of games lately and stumbled upon this one! Really enjoyed this game, and I'm starting to see your progress in game development compared to Holiday After Special.

Well done with this one, and I just saw that there are a couple of instances/ programs I missed in my playthrough so might run it back one more time to get them. Can't wait to check out No Delivery next :)


I actually enjoyed this game so much I went back and played No Delivery! Love your style and I can really see how it is improved. I'm really stuck on the Red-Boi Password though. I wrote down everything of notice in Halloween After Special and No Delivery but none of my attempts have worked. Is there anything else I can do? (I'm not very good at figuring out puzzles, sorry).


Thanks for playing!
I believe the password is one of the highlighted phrases, spaces included, found on one of the even channels.

Oh my gosh! Thank you!


Your games are so incredible and intriguing. I'm seriously hyped for anything you decide to make.


Got around to playing this now, and it's great! A really interesting approach to display different demos! I'm also trying to get the Red Boi password, and I think I know where to look for, but I have to ask: is the password case sensitive?



It’s not case-sensitive, but is multi-word and contains spaces


Didn't expect a DMC reference in here. I was real happy when it came up LOL


I think this is my favorite game I've come across on itch.io so far! I had a really fun time with this one, there is so much to it and I feel like there is a lot you can do and find. Thanks for making this!


thanks for playing, enjoyed watching your playthrough!


I can't believe this game is made with RPG maker, I kinda was expecting a bunch of disjointed demos but this is a pretty pleasant experience, so well crafted.

The sheer amount of content is also amazing, awesome game/collection.


Thanks for playing!
RPGMaker is capable of quite a lot!

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i love the detail like the tv isn't even plugged in

Support me guys! thanks for game devs!!!

yo this game is really good for my youtube channel this is 1000/10 i love it


Cool horror game, good game!


These games were dope. I look forward to the full versions.


My parents always said TV rots your brain. Little did I know it was much worse. A very creepy game with amazing sprite work. A wonderful game for Halloween. Keep it up! 


I had a pretty great time playing the music is very good along with the story along with finding the endings 


Gave it a Let's Play, exciting stuff I can see being made from you :) As always, I look forward to your stuff, Oates 

are you gonna try and figure out the password to red boi adventrues

small hint: 

The password is a multi-word phrase

i tried voice acting, i think it went great.

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Ending 4. =)


Ending 3.


Ending 2.


Great game, sprite art and good atmosphere.

Show post...

cool retro


there's a line of pixels floating to the side of the Part-Timer's head in the School preview

That's been there since no delivery.

Woo first.

I don't normally do that, but it never happens for me.