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Halloween After Special is a collection of VCRPG gameplay previews and tech demos developed through the course of this and last year (2020 - 2021).

Experience the boredom of a Halloween night spent inside!

Stay in for...

  • An all-night marathon of horror movies and commercials!
  • Your new job at the Supermarket!
  • Procrastination on the Internet!
  • Detention!
  • A relaxing late-night drive through the countryside.

The following previews are not representative of final gameplay and are subject to change.

Content Warning:
Some segments may contain flashing + strobing lights and effects, gore, gun violence, death, explicit language, disturbing images and themes.
The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual events, person(s), or places is purely coincidental.

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Tips for Installation - PC:

  • Unzip/extract the contents of the zip file, do not play from inside the zip file, it will not save.
  • Be sure to properly extract the zip's contents to a location where you can Read/Write/Execute (like the Desktop, Documents, etc)
  • It is not recommended to play from the index file.
The Dead await...


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I can't believe this game is made with RPG maker, I kinda was expecting a bunch of disjointed demos but this is a pretty pleasant experience, so well crafted.

The sheer amount of content is also amazing, awesome game/collection.

Thanks for playing!
RPGMaker is capable of quite a lot!

Just a reminder the tv isn't even plugged in

Support me guys! thanks for game devs!!!

yo this game is really good for my youtube channel this is 1000/10 i love it


Cool horror game, good game!


These games were dope. I look forward to the full versions.


My parents always said TV rots your brain. Little did I know it was much worse. A very creepy game with amazing sprite work. A wonderful game for Halloween. Keep it up! 


I had a pretty great time playing the music is very good along with the story along with finding the endings 


Gave it a Let's Play, exciting stuff I can see being made from you :) As always, I look forward to your stuff, Oates 

are you gonna try and figure out the password to red boi adventrues

small hint: 

The password is a multi-word phrase

i tried voice acting, i think it went great.

(1 edit)

Ending 4. =)


Ending 3.


Ending 2.


Great game, sprite art and good atmosphere.


cool retro


there's a line of pixels floating to the side of the Part-Timer's head in the School preview

That's been there since no delivery.

Woo first.

I don't normally do that, but it never happens for me.