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This is quite fun!! I haven't beaten it yet (if there IS an endgame), but so far I'm enjoying playing it. I was afraid it might be a FNAF copycat because it's in a pizzeria during the night shift and all, but I'm glad I was wrong--the setting is literally the only similarity imo. The rest of the game is unique and really interesting! I like that you roll a new character after each death rather than just replaying the same person with the same stats. Also, THANK you for making the screen flickering element a toggle option. My chronic headaches appreciate it. Will keep playing this for sure!

Loved this game! It's got a great mix of horror and humor, and there's a lot of interesting lore. 

is this game based on mother/earthbound game? 

I'm on windows 10 and when I open the game all it does is show my documents folder, is there a way I can fix it?


You may have saved the game's folder in your documents directory.
Once you find the game's folder, open it and click on the Game file to run it.
Also make sure you have unzipped the game's folder as well.

Amazing game! I will say I quit at first because it felt poorly balanced in the beginning. I missed 5-6 hits in a row and got demolished, and I had found one of the possible party members but never got the chance to summon him, so I was grossly unmatched against bosses. I decided to retry it because the game felt so fun when I made progress, and after I started to be able to summon party members, it got MUCH better and the rest of the game felt more fair.

I 100% the game and all of the endings were great. The story telling is really creative and I love the atmosphere. There are still a couple of unanswered questions but I think that might be intentional. The music is great, it feels good to play, and it was super fun.

One technical issue: when doing the final boss for the "Survival" ending, mine and my party members' HP bar was not showing any changes when we took damage or were healed, and it did not show status effects for the entire battle. One of my party members died and I had no idea.

Aside from that, everything was extremely polished!


Thanks for sticking with it!
That issue is really exclusive to the final battle only; it can't really be replicated anywhere else.

Fun game until you start missing your attacks 3, 4, 5 times in a row constantly and get killed right away.

that was fun! it took me around 4.5 hours to unlock all the endings. the artwork is really nice!

I can't put into words the amount of fun that me and my partner have gotten from playing this game. We were sucked in right from the beginning. The story is wild and fun to try and follow as you proceed down every wrong turn. The art and animations are incredible and honestly, it's probably one of the best rpgs I've played in a long time.

After playing this for a few hours I had to play everything Oates has done. I highly suggest playing One Night at the Steeze! Once you've 100%'d this game (Which is absolutely worth it)

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This is an absolutely INCREDIBLE game. the playstyle is really fun and creative, the setting is appropriately spooky and tongue in cheek at the same time, and I thoroughly enjoyed 100%-ing it, which is not something I would ever usually do with a game!

I cannot recommend this enough - there always seemed to be something new to uncover, something spooky going on in the periphery or something to puzzle out. I absolutely loved it. 

just FYI for something I was stuck on, if you're having trouble with the big fat cat, take another look at the room with the skeleton :) 

one of my favorite games hands down! im sad that im almost done! Just gotta find the wig and how to get into the security office.

honestly the game is so underrated! where are all the big youtubers on this? where's all the analysis guys? like holy crap

The filter is nice, but too strong. It is aesthetically too strong, I wish that I could have it but have it be less of an extreme filter.

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Really interesting little game! Love the references. Surreal and strange! Great work :)

Fun little weird game!  I really enjoy that different employees have different skills which require you to make selections on how you use the items.  I'm currently stuck at the arcade wrong turn, but I'm excited to see the game progress! 


Hi Oates! Nice game, really well polished. I'm having an issue with the Mac version though. Saving doesn't work on the mac version. I think this is a known issue with RPG Maker MV.


There is a plugin mentioned in that thread as a temporary fix while Archeia tries to fix the issue. Hope this helps!

I just finsihed the game i think and all the endings (that i know of) But can someone tell me what Im supposed to do with the Wig, sneakers, uniform, etc. Ive walked around for a while and I cant really find anything. Also was there a reason for destroying the cameras or was it more storyline based? Love the game!! WOuld reccomend to a friend

Once the older employee dies, grab her glasses and use it on the animatronic thats sitting in the hallway leading to the oven. You'll be able to summon "The Kid" to help with the boss in the oven.

I love this game but I'm struggling with something. It seems that after a while of fighting a boss my accuracy suddenly tanks out of the blue, every single shot misses no matter what I do. Is thid a mechanic I'm misunderstanding?


Hi are there any chase scenes or out right jumpscares in the game? 

There are certain random rooms where an enemy will run at you quickly with basically no way to avoid it, which can be startling. Other than that, I wouldn't say there's any jumpscares. Some audio cues are a little noisy and unsettling, but there's no super loud in your face jumpscares from what I've seen. I am only a few hours in, so I can't speak for the entirety of the game's contents.

Nothing in the game requires being quick. Combat is turn-based and nothing chases you in the overworld. There is one point that could be considered a jumpscare, but it's mildly startling at best.

I'm a total wimp and I loved this game. It creeped me out without scaring me, if that makes sense? It's an RPG first and a horror game second.


Hi there! I got this game through the massive bundle and took a chance playing it. I really ... okay "enjoyed" isn't the right word, but I was creeped out the entire time, and it was a legit challenge. I was really impressed with the game, the AR elements, and the results of said AR work.

Well done on making a horror game that doesn't depend strictly on gross visuals or jump scares. Kept me on edge the entire time.

I streamed it over the course of a couple days, if you're interested you can watch them here:


Crashes before opening. 


awesome game! but is anyone else having the problem of the game not saving at all on Mac?

Seems to be a problem on most older mac OS versions (not saving + runtime issues)

This largely has to do with both development being intended for Windows and having no reliable mac to export on


So Mac people only have the choice to either not play it at all or play it all in one major sitting. Neato.

I was! Turns out there's a really easy workaround for it -- if you download and launch it from the app, it works fine. 

On a macbook 2012, whenever i open the game it just crashes :(

same here! :(

Finished the game but had a question, is there any point to collecting the wigs, glasses, etc. or are they just there as items that don't have any use?


They are used on the Employee of The Month requirements, and every item must be collected and put on the character in the room where the plaque listing the requirements is.


Alright, stick with me here. This is a procedurally generated CRPG Pizza Simulator roguelike adventure horror game with plenty mechanics and 6 different endings to explore. You may now blink again. The dev tried something pretty unique and interesting here, which largely... and much to my surprise, actually worked out. This is a game I really need to play more of to get any decent impression, but I implore everyone to check this out, because this is probably one of the best and original RPG maker takes I've come across in a long time.  3,5/5

More Racial Justice bundle impressions and ranking:

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sadly I cant play this on mac- I wish I knew why or how to fix it. I read through everything and saw all the pictures and videos of the game and was so excited! When I try to open the game it simply crashes before shutting down. it can hardly open a window before it crashes. 

i also have this issue

great game, but for the life of us me and my friend can’t find the wig

I've discovered this game in the famous bundle going on. And... I had a blast playing it.

So, first thank you :) No Delivery is an unexpected gem on my list.

Secondly... well I'm really looking forward your next games. And I will gladly pay you a coffee as soon as I can.

Okay I legit love this game.

I played it on stream with 0 expectations going into it and 2 hours later was just ENTHRALLED by it! The only thing I can't quite figure out is the benefit of firing someone to get a different person?

Regardless it's been a ton of fun!!!!


Completed the game and all endings. 100% worth every moment I spent playing it. I really enjoy this take on the horror rpg tropes!!



I like this one. I wasn't sure about it going in because I wasn't certain what to expect, but it turned out to be so much more than I expected.

If you're at all worried about it being a horror game and are considering avoiding it for that reason, I assure you you don't have to worry as much as you think you do. The game has its frightening moments and overall has a very well-crafted spooky atmosphere, but after awhile my initial fright turned into more of a desire to see it through to the end. That could be considered either a pro or a con, depending upon whether or not you're looking for a full-on horror experience.

As far as RPGs go, combat is fairly standard. You have regular attacks as well as skills, but I particularly liked the way skills worked. You can use resources you gather outside of combat as fuel for your skills (for example, one character can use Tickets gathered outside combat for a Ticket-themed skill), but you can also create combo-like attacks by combining items and skills. For example, use a camera to get a set of batteries and stun your opponent, then use the batteries you acquire to power your character's skill. I set up some nice boss battles that way.

I also liked the way the pizzeria itself is crafted. Without giving away too much, there are many many secrets to be had, and you never feel too OP.

I haven't finished this entirely yet but I am enjoying this much more than I thought I would. :)


On a Mac 10.15 Catalina when opening the error message 'The application "Game" can't be opened.'


Been having the same problems.


Same here! Hope they fix it :(


Same problem here. Hope I get to play it soon--it looks fun!

same problem

sad really, looks like a really cool game

This game was AMAZING!

as soon as I downloaded it, I played nonstop for 9 hours unlocking everything I could in it. What a terrific game!! I loved it so much!! The grunginess of the pizza place, the wonderful and charming character designs in both the playable characters and the monsters, the creepy tone that stayed through the whole game, i absolutely loved it!!!

im still a bit afraid of horror games in general but this one was such a treat!! I'm going to recommend this game until the end of time!

Where do you find glasses?

from the senior employee in the TV room after you do the Birthday Party!


Played the Mac version.

When I opened the Options menu from the title screen, then pressed X to get out of it, I got an UnknownError. However, after I started playing the game, everything seemed to be working.

The horror of the setting feels weird. I'm inevitably reminded of Five Nights at Freddy's, but everything here is too fantastical to seem like it could happen in real life. 

I was also somewhat confused by the introduction-- there seems to be a lot of subtext and what's-not-said in the Employee Introduction video, but from playing the game it just seems to have been a literal explanation of the game's mechanics? You are a manager and you're not the individual people trying to escape, and when one dies you don't become the next one, you 'hire' them. 'Wrong Turns' are the name for the procedurally generated dungeon, not a loaded threat or euphemism. Which reduces stakes quite a bit.

A lot of mechanics are also meta rather than horror-- you can find Employee Dossier items that give your characters skills, and there's nothing about how this is weird for a random security guard to find, or what the employees about it. There are talking trash cans that you can give trash for money. It's taken for fact as a part of this world, which makes it more like a pizza-flavored magical setting rather than a like-reality horror game. It's much more peculiar than scary. The drive to play comes from wanting to see more of the world, rather than wanting to see how bad it gets, or to uncover the mystery. 

While there is scary imagery, the game rewards you for talking to spooky things and knowing the mechanics of what's what, and it becomes an optimization game where you know what you're doing and can plan ahead for the challenges that come up. 

Mostly, I thought it was going to be a very different game than the introduction presented. 


Hey, did you had any trouble with it opening and immediately crashing? A lot of people including myself is having this problem. Is there any chance you solved it yourself?

I did not. I only got the crash when I tried opening the settings. 

Does anyone else have the issue of the game crashing immediately upon startup?


Got the Mac version of this game and it's been great except I cannot save. I know it's supposed to be autosave but then when I quit the game and try to pick up where I left off, the "continue" option is greyed out and cannot be selected. I also cannot any manual option to save so I don't think I'll be able to complete it unless I like leave the game running overnight and pickup later. Other than that, I think it's pretty awesome so far, great job!

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I'm having the same issue, also on a Mac. It's a shame because it really is a fantastic game, otherwise. 

[EDIT] Figured it out -- you just have to download and launch it from the itch app, and it works fine. I'm very excited to play the game, looks really fun. 


Had to play through this a few times so I could form a proper opinion on the game. The concept is pretty well thought out, there were no issues running the game itself. I cannot stress how thankful I am for a filter toggle, oh god. Lot’s of games these days don’t include filter toggles.

Good game to kill time, the strategy is engaging. One issue I do have is that bosses can be a little hard to overcome as they can spam hits in most cases, or maybe I just suck haha! I know that it’s not impossible though.


It looks really intereting, but It runs so poorly, freezing up every minute or so. I want to play but like... I can't.


It's almost 3 AM and I'm still playing this game. lol
Love the challenges all the stories! Haven't come across a good pixel game like this for a while now. <3

This game is so fun!! Instant favorite, and I love the Eat! signs haha. Amazing story and great gameplay. I love playing as the mascot the best but waitress has the best moveset.

the bosses are so hard where do i go for more level ups

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