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Hi! i've had this game for a while and i noticed the last version doesn't have boss music. is there any fix?

The latest updates to my projects have had changes to the soundtrack. Apologies if the changes affect your experience.

You may find more info regarding the latest updates here:

super enjoyed this game!!!

 Hello, I also want to make a game for GBC . But I don’t know how to make it so that it opens as a game on PC. Embed an emulator? Or how did you do it? To post a game on Steam

Hello, I purchased your game sometime ago, it came with some sort of bundle? Anyways I just now found out I can have the game on steam if I owned it on here previously but the option doesn't seem to show up, I was just wondering if I am making a mistake or am not entitled to the game as a result of how I got it. Thanks

Unfortunately, it seems that those who got the game as a result of an itchio bundle do not have access to the “request key” option as one would have if purchased regularly.

I’m unsure of how itchio handles/considers games in bundles like that, but you may contact itchio support about it

Hey no problem, I really appreciate the timely reply.


i've never seen a game capture what a liminal space feels like so perfectly.


It's come up that it isn't immediately apparent as to why the commissioned soundtracks for this and my other projects were updated 3 months ago.

Please be respectful when mentioning or discussing this topic, and for any future reference, I'll place my stance here:

In short, I apologize if my games' original experience is hampered in any way because of the updated soundtrack, please know I have done my best to separate my games from this and their original commissioned soundtracks, and have been moving forward since I've been made aware.


I'm not too fond of the new music it doesn't fit the mood as well as the old music did I know why you had to change it 


In short, I am no longer working with the previous composer and have already updated the commissioned soundtracks used in all my projects.
Here are my posts addressing the update to the commissioned soundtrack at the time and the steps taken to update all my projects since:

I apologize if the experience is hampered in any way because of the updated soundtrack, please know I have done my best to separate my games from this and their original commissioned soundtracks and have been moving forward since I've been made aware.

i tried to translate the binary from the arcade machine fight and it sais pleeaseiwanome, is it supposed to be please i want one? im pretty sure i did put some things in wrong as well.


I've only scratched the surface of this game, but I can already tell that this is going to be a fun, bizarre adventure and I couldn't even tell it's procedurally generated!

Dose it work for the steam deak?


My latest project, Sorry We’re Open is playable on Steam Deck, so I believe this also is playable on Steam Deck as well.

I got this from Racial Justice and Equality bundle and was wondering if itll be the full game when it releases.


The game has already released and is complete; it will just be releasing on the Steam platform soon.

I didn't realize that. Gonna have to give the game a go as I thought it wasn't out.

this was surprisingly good 

I got this game in the bundle for racial justice a while back and I love picking it up and playing it every now and again. I love the pixel art as a pixel artist myself and its just so creepy cozy

Could you build this for linux? The 1.02 update crashes when viewing endings after the credit scroll. This did not happen on 1.01. This is under lutris wine

Sorry, Linux cannot be supported at this time.
The v1.02 Patch has only made updates to the soundtrack (the game uses .mp3 and .ogg files)
I also have not encountered issues using save files from v1.01, but I do not recommend using save files from previous versions with v1.02

Also, after the credits scroll for each ending, a .webm movie file plays as well.
If the .webm movie does not play after the credits, I recommend closing and reopening the game and playing to the credits again to get the .webm movie to play.

I am limited to testing on my own PC, so anything regarding how game files are opened/accessed on other computers may not be accounted for (for example, if your computer has rules set up for playing .mp4 or .webm files or requiring write permissions to write to save files for the autosave).

Just to update, the most recent patch v1.03 for Windows is now live on the store page, and among other updates, contains updated .webm movie files to address the issue you encounter after the credits scroll.

The "Play movie"-feature issue for the engine varies among different PCs, but hopefully this addresses the issue.

Thank you so much. I absolutely appreciate the quick reply!

its not going complete fullscreen? help?

if I press alt enter it still has borders and the resolution is just stretched out?


You can press F4 on all my games to toggle fullscreen



curse me being broke


I love this game so much, that I bought my boyfriend a copy!
my next purchase will be your latest game!


Those walls, those tiles, they feel so familiar


why did the ball pit get my doggo??? anyways lots of fun, put it in my scary ga vid



love this game wish it was on steam



 It will be coming to Steam some time  this year


Awesome! Just found this game off of a YouTube video and I'm psyched to play it but I don't quite trust's net security enough to enter my payment information into it. Gladly willing to pay for it though, I'll be on the lookout for it on Steam!

me too!  this game uses such great concepts  the closest thing i could find that is like this game is  from newgrounds now on steam last stand the aftermath

(1 edit)

omg THIS is the game ive been thinking of for a while! i got it for free one time because of a brithday sale i think, but i lost it because i was borrowing the laptop i was playing it on for my dads work since they had extras! when i get my own bank account i should be able to get it again though :D my  parents dont trust enough to let me pay for anything on this site/app :( loved it when i got it before and i cant wait to get it again sometime soon :D

PS: if it sounds like im trying to make up an excuse to get it for free or something, i am not. I am diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and cant tell if things i say/type sound genuine or not :( im sorry 


Great game! Very engaging, fun and full of unexpected scenarios.

You can view my playthrough here: 

No Delivery is a dope horror game hidden behind the funny pixel pizza delivery concept. The dirty environment may not be a thing for everyone. There could be more highlight effects on the interactable objects, and the control on the menus could be more clear.


Picked up the game awhile ago and never really got around to playing it until recently. At that point, I loved it so much I nearly obsessed over it. It's a delightful game that feels punishing until you get a system that works for you. (Waitress MVP)++

I'm trying to play the Mac version. My OS is up to date, but no matter where I put and extract the zip (the folder where I run my other games, my desktop, the documents folder) trying to open the game brings up the error message "You do not have permission to run the application 'Game'" despite the permissions saying I can read/write and my user is the owner. 

Is there a step I've missed, besides putting the zip file in an editable folder and unzipping it?


Preferably, the user should have read/write/execute privileges to properly run the game, this should be the case when the contents of the zip file are fully extracted (when it’s unzipped and moved outside the zip file).
You may try to Run as Admin or any equivalent method to see if that’s the case also.
However, I’d recommend using the Windows version as it is more stable to run as the Mac version may have issues depending on the OS version.

It may have to wait until I can afford a PC, then. Ah well.


Hello! I have been trying to play this game on my Mac via the itchio app, and every time I open it, it immediately closes afterwards, do you have any tips so that I can play this game? Thanks in advance!


I’m not familiar with the itchio app, but please note that the game may have runtime issues depending on the MacOS version.

Here’s some relevant points from the Installation Tips on the store page, hope this helps:

  • Older mac OS versions have issues with the engine not saving + runtime issues, but this largely varies on the MacOS
  • Other alternatives include using a virtual machine to play, ie VMware, Wine, VirtualBox, etc

I am having the same issue too which really sucks because I was super interested in playing :,(


Apologies for the inconvenience, you may see my previous reply for suggestions, but to reiterate:

 The game may have runtime issues depending on the MacOS version. This can vary with older versions.

Here’s some relevant points from the Installation Tips on the store page, hope this helps:

  • Older mac OS versions have issues with the engine not saving + runtime issues, but this largely varies on the MacOS
  • Other alternatives include using a virtual machine to play, ie VMware, Wine, VirtualBox, etc

Hi! is there any way to change the aspect ratio or full screen the game? Thank you!

On Windows/PC, you can drag the corners to resize the window or drag the window to the top of the desktop to bring the window to screen size.

Hope this helps


hello! absolutely love this game, favorite game and one of my favorite games period. coming back for my third replay, but unfortunately i can't seem to get the mac version to work. i've only ever played on a pc, and had no problems there, but the mac version won't even open for me. i can't use wine on my os and i'd rather not install windows, so i'm hoping theres an easier solution. is your game compatible with macos monterey? that's what i'm running right now 

thanks in advance for any help you can give!


Aside from the Installation tips on the store page, there isn’t much troubleshooting for the Mac version; it varies as older MacOS versions may have runtime problems.

Thank you for your thoughts tho and apologies for any inconvenience regarding this

Might like this game more if it allowed me to play it.

Installed it in my Downloads folder. Worked right the first time; second time I try to open the game, it closes itself when I choose an option between Start, Continue or options. What gives!?

it may help to move the game folder to another location like desktop, etc. 

The Downloads folder may have rules that remove files after some time or prohibit writing to files, which may prevent the game from running.

You may also check the Installation tips on the store page, but reiterating them here as well:

  • Unzip/extract the contents of the zip file, do not play from inside the zip file, it will not save.
  • Be sure to properly extract the zip's contents to a location where you can Read/Write/Execute (like the Desktop, Documents, etc)
  • Do not play from the index file, it will also not save
  • Older mac OS versions have issues with the engine not saving + runtime issues, but this largely varies on the MacOS
  • Other alternatives include using a virtual machine to play, ie VMware, Wine, VirtualBox, etc

Thank you, and apologies for being so hostile. Will keep trying.

Update: sometimes the game doesn't work, even after being installed in the Downloads folder; when that happens, I look for the Save folder, check Properties, and uncheck the Read Only box (it appears with a blue square filling the box); seems to work so far.

the game will require its folders to be writeable for it to run and autosave to function, so that tracks. I do recommend moving the game folder to elsewhere other than the Downloads folder just to be sure.

But glad you got it working

where do i get the glasses for the employee of the month thing please im begging

after you watch the tape in the break room, talk to the Senior Staff

follow up question, where do i get the tape

collect the clown statuettes and trade them with the guy outside the Breakroom


you should add a cutscene where a pizza gets put in someones butt crack and the character goes "yeehaw, pizza style"


Question: does this game have jumpscares? I like horror but am a complete baby when it comes to jumpscares.


there’s no jumpscares, just creepy atmosphere and some disturbing content (which are listed in the content warning)


Finally got around to playing this game I got in the Racial Justice bundle forever ago. Really fun! I am not sure if I was supposed to break the combat with soda, but I did. Maybe I am the RPG scrub here but it did feel a little weird when the combat essentially became stun locking the boss with soda and cameras, but I wont say it wasn't satisfying to figure 'solve' the combat. It was tense at first since the limited party made it much more difficult to manage your turn properly, which made stomping everything in my path with a loaded inventory very satisfying. Fun game!


Lots of good things said by others, but unfortunately I found the game, UI, and story confusing and difficult to get into :( It is cheap for what it is, but I am surprised that it is a finished game, as I assumed my issues were due to unfixed bugs or would be patched out later. Seems it is really meant to be played this way.


Dude , this is one of my favorite creepy games to date! There's so much going on, so many secrets to unlock, and so so much story to speculate on! 

It's absolutely WILD that this doesn't have more attention! I've never made a let's play video before but this game makes me want to, just to bring more attention to it! 

There are still some secrets I haven't figured out, like the security room, and one of the manniken pieces, and I was hoping to find some tutorials sometime! I'll have to play again and see what's left to do! 

If you don't mind me saying, while I love that this game is so affordable at $5, I super feel like you might be underselling yourself! This is a game I would pay $15-20 for at the least! 

I cannot wait to see what you come up with next in your games, if you're still making games!


Hiya! I'm one plaque away from 100% completion (I think!) and wanted to find out if beating the Cleanup Kid game in the bathroom stall with the controller is possible required? I love the rest of the game so much, but I can't seem to beat this particular version of this minigame.


Never mind - just beat it finally!!!



The bathroom version of Cleanup Kid is not required for 100% completion


this was great to play and explore, loved the horror and the way you have to piece together the story yourself without getting all the answers...


Been having an interesting time with this game, very unique blend of horror, adventure, and turn-based RPG elements as you make your way through the different parts of the creepy pizza establishment. Definitely been enjoying it so far, I'm hoping to get around to making more parts on it!


saw one screen shot and nah theres a animatronic

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