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This game was sooooo good even though this is just the demo! It had so much replayability with each death and it was just so fun to play! I need answers to the story behind this game's pizzeria!!!!

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Hello! I wanted to try out this game- seeing Vinny played it got me really excited to try it out. Do you know if there's a reason it would crash after the training video? I've not been able to figure it out myself. Thanks!

Edit: I fixed it by launching it as an administrator- hope that helps anyone else who had this issue!


Thanks for bringing this to my attention!

Great that you got it working though, I’ll be looking into the issue 


No problem! I love the game, btw!


here is  The SECOND part of this funny game


Thanks, I look forward to watching your playthroughs


Hi, i love the game. Can i do the spanish translation?


Alternate title idea:
'Murican Horror Story:
By The SLICE...

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Just wanted to let you know I got a copyright claim for the music in your game on Youtube. For the music playing in the introduction training video. If this is an error, let me know. I appealed it anyways, as it's fair use - and therefore covered - but people abuse the system anyways. 

Cheers - 


Sorry about that, the tracks used in the game are all original, made by the game's composer with the exception of the 3-5 second sample used in one of the ambience tracks.
Perhaps that may have been the reason, but not entirely sure.


Its neat and fun, But overly hard. Please help.

This is a really good, scary game! I like how you can play different characters from delivery boys to mascots that can use different attack styles. The family-friendly pizzeria setting is great with the animatronics, arcade, and the entertainment. The battle system is good while I try to attack, but I end up trying to escape instead due to low ammunition. As for the stats, I think it is a good idea to use them for situations and cases, but in one time, I was able to clean up the mess without losing HP due to 'high competence skill', even though, it was 1. As for the wrong turns, it is cool to see that is completely random and you have no idea on what to expect in the next room. Also, the day shift is amusing as you try to resolve issues that can occur when the pizzeria is open and put on your best customer service face. I would love to see more of this! 20 / 10

Thanks for the feedback and I look forward to watching your playthrough!

The game have so much potential to be good. Right now the job that you do after succesfully return from a wrong turn can be exploited if you know what option to pick (and there's not that many). Plus i can't really see the reason behind the employee stats (Profesionalism, Fun, Fear level, etc) Either the game doesn't really show the significance of the stat enough, or it's not implemented yet. Either way, looking forward for the full release of this game !

P.S. : Seems like the healing move from the Mascot class need to be buffed a little (It double heals you, but no dish and trash is given (or maybe I didn't noticed and I'm just being dumb right now)). However, i never finished Darkest Dungeon, so who am I to judge the mechanic of the game...

I know that one of the stats makes it so if you clean up a mess in the arcade wrong turn, you don't take damage.

I'm pretty sure it's professionalism but idk.

It checks for Competence, so you’d be able to get through certain blockades for free

Thanks and definitely noted!

The demo is great, showing the weirdness the is to come. I get some really fun Earthbound/Mother vibes from the attack designs and monsters, with that "childhood thing corrupted" mentality that you see a lot of. Looking forward to the full game, I need to protect that pupper.

Thanks! I look forward to watching your playthrough

So, after watching Alpha Beta Gamer play it, I intalled and started a new save file. I chose the Windows version ,(since I'm using a Windows 7 computer). I boot up the game and it works fine until I reach the Wrong Turn after the Training Video. I've attached a link to a compilation of screen captures that I took below. They showcase the problematic areas and the functioning ones. I hope this issue is easy to resolve. I've tried making different save files, restarting the game, deleting, re-unpacking and still encountered the same problem.

Thanks for letting me know

So far, I’ve only been able to replicate this problem on the Mac version, so its good to get a similar case on Windows. It helps with the process of elimination to solve this problem

Thank you very much for the help! It's honestly very reassuring to know that the problem isn't (hopefully) client side. Keep up the good work, I can't wait for the full game!

I love the game, it is super addicting and I can play it for hours. The only problem I am having with it is that the guy in the show box mentions how there is a cheezy bar in the arcade, which I haven't been able to find. I was wondering if you would just be able to tell me how to get it? I feel like I've done everything! lol

Bit of an oversight on my part, you have to go to the manager’s console and select wrong turns.

There you can select the higher danger level arcade section. Get to the end, fight the boss, get the cheezy bar


really loved the concept and the game and a great time playing it even though in the beginning i was not knowing what i was doing it was a great fun and love the jokes and those skill i wish people had them in real life made a lets play hope you enjoy it 


Thanks for the content!

I love the concept of your game and it's style to the point of supporting your patreon. 

Now for the game, the permadeath function has a flaw where as long as you can't pay your debt when you get an employee "terminated", you get the pink slip and can reload with your employee to the area right before you died, effectively avoiding the consequences of the permadeath system. Also, I feel like enemy variety and room encounter variations are too little. I'm thinking this is something that's still being worked on and it currently is on a smaller scale as a demo. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work! 

This some good feedback, I'll be looking to it during development.

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Gotta hunker down and start watching all these lets plays at once!
Thanks for the video!

Darkest Dungeon was a huge inspiration for the mechanics and gameplay loop

This is a great game in my opinion, but I feel like the waitress is a little too powerful, because she does a lot of damage with a resource that you can get pretty easily and also can heal more health with one piece of trash than delivery boy can with 2 food. Also, delivery boy needs to be buffed a little, i think, Wambo combo heals little for how much it costs and doesn't even give trash or dishes. Sewer rat style gets you killed quickly the majority of the time and doesnt do much damage, and throwing the food is the worst attack that I found. The mascot also seems very weak with having little skill at anything but fun, which is mostly useless. Security guard is alright, but its really hard to get ammo (the best way i could was to farm vent monster and try to find a hobo in the alleyways). 

But i mean, its not a super big problem and its still a good game. Can't wait for the full release.

Yeah, some balancing is gna come in the full release
Thanks for the feedback!

I love this game and it being an RPGMaker game. Nice references and definitely looking out for the final product. 

Thank YOU for your playthrough!
Imma try to do as much as I can with rpgmaker as an engine

Nice game! I too am also making an RPGMaker game as well. I was wondering what tileset you used for the game, or if you created your own.


I used parallax mapping for all areas.

Interactive elements are characters/events.

whoaaaaaaaaaa did not expect that much for a demo this is amaxing! Can't wait for the full game :OOO

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THIS IS AMAZING! I can tell this is not a finished product, it's a little rough but DAMN great atmosphere, I can almost smell the stench of burnt cheese & unclean bratty children. Looks like those tables need a spritz of SaniClean and wiped down... Great idea, amazing execution. When I have enough money saved up, I'm becoming a patron. Reminds me of a few places I've worked at before.
*ecstatic applause*
Suggested alternate title: 'Merican Horror Story: Pizza Place

'Merican Horror Story: Fast Food Nightmare


Wow... Okay, I'm actually a little speechless. This is GREAT! I thought this would just be some crappy FNAF fangame, but it's actually pretty good (and also original). I seriously got into this game's lore and gameplay before it ended and I remembered it's a demo. BTW, what's a CRPG? I'm sorry I can't contribute, but if I could, you can bet this is one thing I'd be donating to so I could see it completed. Keep up the great work.

FNaF was a big inspiration, but had to be careful not to pull too much from it.

CRPG would stand for "Computer" or today, "Classic", largely based on text-based adventure games of yore

That certainly makes sense. Reminds me of certain dungeon crawling text adventures, especially with the Wrong Turn bits. The art and battles against unusual enemies remind me of Earthbound, in a way.

What engine are you using? Great game by the way!


Used Rpgmaker MV

Can't believe it! I have it too and I never thought you could make such PERFECT GAMES!


How did you make the effects and icons and stuff?? I LOVE YOU MY DUDE

*magic fingers* rpgmaker mv plugins!

Its easy with basic knowledge of the program to use plugins to make the game look and function differently from the given assets!

I’ll write a dev log or make documentation sometime about that

Okay! Thank you! I'll be waiting in happy seizures. :D 

Will you describe what plugins you used in the dev log?

Yeah, I may. 
But it'll take some time to make proper documentation

Just finished the demo, and absolutely love what you're doing. Made me become a patron immediately! Do you have a Discord? I think that would create a great community around No Delivery!

Whoa thanks for the support!

I'm looking into making a discord, but I'll get to that once I'm further along in development

Really cool game. I wasn't expecting there to be so much. 

Thanks for playing and great playthrough!

Pretty sure I missed a few things... but I do look forward to playing the full game to fix that...

Thanks for the playthrough! 

I love this game here is my video on it!

Nice! Thanks for playing and sharing your experience here!

I played this a couple days back and really enjoyed it! It was a lot longer than I expected it to be and I wasn't able to finish it, but I'll probably revisit it in the future.


Watched this earlier, thanks for playing and hope you’ll be able to play the rest of the demo!

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took me 3 hours to beat amazing  game lot of gameplay was that really the demo

also i gave the candy bar to the guy in car and then i went get another one for the devil guy never actually let me give it to him other than that i think i did everything in this demo

cant wait to see the rest of this game


Its actually pretty feasible to get past the first alleywayin one peice, but if you do, then youhave the crappy flee only delivery boy, and you cant even fire him.

You have to let him die. Then the game will either glitch out and keep him as your main character while adding a new one to the party or it'll fix itself.

Yeah, i get it, but i thought that i would get something special if no-one died. Instead, the game just kinda broke, and i feel it wouldn't be too hard to fix the problem.

Just released a patch that addresses that, it’s now much easier to die in the intro.

It’s an interesting concept to have a run where no one dies, may look into implementing it

Really nice demo! I would love to follow this in development.

Only issue is that if the tutorial delivery boy survives by running away it glitches the game. You get stuck with him until your new character + him die, even if you try to fire him. It made for a pretty hilarious run that probably wasn't what you expected!


I’ll be looking to tweak the intro for balancing and maybe accommodate that in the future

A very unique CRPG though I wish there was more info on just how to properly play, but, I'd say the people in the comments give good feedback especially, and summarize many of my thoughts.

Thanks for coming out here for feedback! 

Actually watched your video and got a lot of good pointers for improvements


This was a very interesting game! I got a really eerie vibe from it and the art style felt very fitting to a game like this. Considering this is a demo it's really great and I can't wait to play the full game :D

I don't know if you've heard of Game Development World Championship before (gdwc2019) but it's a competition for indie game developers where they can submit their games and it's free! It's great if you want some more visibility for the game and it only takes a couple of minutes to join :)

Are Pineapples going to play a significant role in this game?

The pineapples on pizza debate may be one of the many elements in the game

Where can I get a cheezy bar?

Finish the extermination section for the Arcade Wrong Turn

Ah, I'm fucked.

That's the demo? Man... oh well, I won't blame you for what I decided to do. And I'm only disappointed in the lack of content for it because it's such a cool game. I'm really excited for the full thing.

your a bot

Uh, what? I don't think that's really a thing that holds up- you can see I've commented differently on different things.

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This is really well made so far. As mentioned, some of the sprites need to be lined up better. Still, the game shows a lot of promise overall.

This DEMO is quite promising with a good pixel artstyle, a creepily eerie music and all. When the full game releases I'm sure it'll get a lot of exposure.

The unique criticism I have for the game atm is the fact some sprites overlap each other. Other than that, everything's fine.

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