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No Delivery is a procedurally generated CRPG, pizzeria simulator where you are the newest in a long line of employees for a local decrepit pizza parlor. Despite the rumors, shady history, and missing persons cases, you sign up for the night shift because it pays slightly more and all the kids’ birthday parties should have ended by then…

Luckily, it’ll just be a boring job in an empty pizzeria… right?


Be prepared for...

  • Challenging turn-based RPG combat!
  • Procedurally generated dungeons!
  • High employee turnover rate!
  • Financial management for a haunted restaurant!
  • Business lingo!

Check out the site for more information!
(Ask your parents permission before going online)
Stezzoni Pizza Webpage


Content Warning: Flashing + Strobing Lights and effects, gore, animal death, mild language, and suggestive themes.

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Check out the Bandcamp for the soundtrack and physical cassettes!

TheNGVirus | Bandcamp

Tips for Installation - PC/Mac:

  • Unzip/extract the contents of the zip file, do not play from inside the zip file, it will not save.
  • Be sure to properly extract the zip's contents to a location where you can Read/Write/Execute (like the Desktop, Documents, etc)
  • Do not play from the index file, it will also not save
  • Older mac OS versions have issues with the engine not saving + runtime issues, but this largely varies on the MacOS
  • Other alternatives include using a virtual machine to play, ie VMware, Wine, VirtualBox, etc


  • DEMO release: 6/14/19
  • DEMO v0.2 release: 6/18/19
  • FULL VERSION v1.0 release: 9/26/19
  • PATCH v1.01 release: 10/1/19


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

No Delivery_v1.01.zip 562 MB
No Delivery_1.01_OSX.zip 563 MB
No Delivery Employee Survival Guide.pdf 2 MB

Download demo

No Delivery Demo_v0.2.zip 398 MB
No Delivery Demo_v0.2_OSX.zip 399 MB

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this game is extremely fun :) love the enemy designs, they’re extremely creative and well done as many have pointed out, this is insane especially for an RPG maker game i’d love to see what you could do without the constraints that engine has


thanks for playing!

I would like to try out other engines too, time permitting


I've come back to this game a few times over the year I've owned it (about to do so again, in fact) and I still haven't figured out if there's anything else to do once you unlock the manager. I mean, I couldn't find any additional content, but what if I'm just missing it!


Hey, thanks for playing!
Unlocking the Manager should be the last thing to unlock in the game.
Excluding the extra stuff from We Deliver

Terrific small game! Has great sense of exploration, discovering new areas, objects, characters etc. The fighting system was surprisingly gripping and rewarding, but the fights themselves turned out to be quite easy once you get to know it. Nevermind that though, since Stezzoni Pizzeria has climate to spare and is a place greatly worth visiting at night. Storyteling was also spot-on, and same goes to art and soundtrack. The only flaw is that I expected it to have more replayability value as fully fleshed-out rougelike, but even though there is no real reason to go back to Wrong Turns that you already visited, the expirience itself fully compensates for that. Good game for, say, Halloween evening at home, especially if you search for something a bit creepy rather than outright really scary.


Happy to provide a creepy experience for a Halloween evening!

Does the monitor face guy in the Arcade Bathroom do anything?

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THE TOILET SCENE DOE.... But i love the game it was IMMACULATE!!!

I'm a little lost. what is the cheesy chew for? Also, is there another way to deal with showtime puppet or can you only show him the skin?

when I try to play it, all it says is "you do not have permission to open the application "game". I'm on Mac OS. Is there any fix for this.


check where the game folder is located, it may be in a folder where your user cannot run it. Perhaps place the game folder in the Desktop or other accessible folder.

Also check if the .zip file contents are fully extracted.

The user that is logged in may also not be able to run it.

Hope this helps

So should I play on a guest account? I've tried placing it on the desktop too. Also, what would the zip file contents look like when extracted?

it may depend on your computer but most any  user would be able to run the game file. But be sure that the version downloaded is the OSX version too. Running the windows version on a mac may give a similar message.

And the game folder should be the result after extracting from the .zip file.

You may also see the Tips for Installation - PC/Mac on the game page too.

Hope this helps

I had a question, how do you summon the chef or the other ghost from the restrooms? the ones that says 'from now on can be summoned during wrong turns'. Is it a class specific thing? a chance to happen in combat?

this means you’ll have a chance to add them as party members during Wrong Turns.

The body tape will come up randomly during the Wrong Turn and depending on who you unlocked, you’ll add the party member.

Hope this helps!

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Having a fun time with the game, but afraid I'm stuck. Space for some spoilers:


Can anyone help me find the XXL Cheezy Bar so I can go where the cat is blocking? I've cracked open all the walls, and completed the Arcade, Alley, Freezer, Backstage, and Playground Wrong Turns. I also THINK I've travelled all the ducts available. Got no idea how to proceed. The mood of the game is great, fun but I wish I could find a walkthrough or a guide.

I did end up getting the key to the employee car before I could give the guy inside of it a Cheezy bar. Hope I didn't miss something vital.

One more note: I think I can see stairs leading up from the kitchen when I'm in the vent crawlspace. No idea how to access them though.

At the Stage, in the hallway you can get to after breaking the wall down. There are stairs leading to the right at the end of the hall with the endoskeleton.

Hope this helps!

D'oh. Thank you! I totally missed it, stairs were a bit too dark for my eyes to register playing late at night.

I said it before but: great game by the way. I've been completely absorbed in it ever since I picked it up a few days ago. 

Very excellent game, I had a lot of fun finding all the different Wrong Turns & hidden places, and I really love the different vibes each area has. 
Is there a way to destroy all the security cameras? I've hit the ones in the lobby, the playroom, and the arcade room but there are ones in other areas I haven't figured how to access, like the ones in the bathrooms?

Thanks for playing, the security camera in the bathroom is actually inaccessible (an oversight on my part).

Destroying security cameras is just another way to earn extra money/items, and there is no overall reward for destroying all of them.

Is there any way to play this fullscreen? Really good game btw

If playing on Windows, you can drag the game window to the top of the screen to maximize the window. 
It’s not complete full screen, but it should get it as big as it can.

You can also maximize the game window on other platforms as well.

Hope this helps

I saw Vinesauce play this a while back, stuck with me ever since. Such a cool game. Glad to see oates is still active.

Easily one of my favorite games- by far my favorite horror game. Perfect pacing, fantastic atmosphere- It never felt unfair or drawn out. Played it with a few friends and we were all highly invested, getting all the ends was super rewarding. Thank you for such a great experience!

Hey, thanks so much for playing!

Glad y’all enjoyed this pizza-flavored experience

Oates hasn't updated any of his social media in months, any one know what happened to them?


Yo, I’m still active on Twitter! @horror_n_oates

I’m mostly active on there now. But still dedicating what limited time I have to behind the scenes development on future projects.

Glad to hear it. 


AMAZING game. I've logged about 18 hours streaming this and the two other related games ("One Night at the Steeze" and "We Deliver") on twitch for my friends. This game motivated me to stream so many extra hours unscheduled because I just could not tear myself away. I LOVE this game. It's one of my new favorite games of all time.
The environment and ambience are immaculate, and the lore runs so incredibly deep. You can complete the game in different orders, and your actions impact your environment to an extent. There are several different endings, all of them incredibly intriguing and exciting. The characters are also so fun and interesting, and many have secrets for you to uncover. There are so many mysteries to uncover in this little game that seems so unassuming at first glance. This game is worth FAR more than the $5 they charge you for it.
Oates, PLEASE make more No Delivery related games! At the very least, please keep making great games like this one. It was a FANTASTIC experience and I'm so glad to have given it a chance.
I just bought Nobody's Home and I'm very excited to try another game by Oates!

Oh boy I think my first proper review...

I first want to say I am really loving this game, and I'm having a LOT of fun with the gameplay and the aesthetic and trying to figure everything out.

The atmosphere is *chef's kiss* and I love the humor!

On another note, I did see that it was stated somewhere in the comments that other than the revive skill or dying and returning to the manager console and rerolling a new employee, that there is no way to heal outside of battle?

Because I did die in battle and was rerolled and the drowned waiter was still downed right after I summoned them in a wrong turn. Are your allies supposed to stay downed until you can use revive on them? Or did it have to do with running away from debt collection after death?

But yeah, again, other than that one bit of confusion I am having (and will probably solve on my own by complete accident after sending this, as I usually happen to do haha), I love this game, it's really well done, and I can't wait to find out more!


Absolutely loved this game! The game itself said I completed it but I'm not that trusting. There's still a security camera in the 1st bathroom I couldn't get to, and the closet in the 2nd is still inaccessible. I also have an extra folding stool and razor but nothing to use them on

I don’t know why, but I cannot find the wig. Could someone please help me?

(1 edit) (+1)

This is pretty late so feel free to disregard if irrelevant; If I'm remembering properly it should be near the car(crash) at the front of the establishment. 

Just finished this game and really had a wonderful time with it! I had a few QoL issues (it would have been nice to see how much health you had before and after using Food on the item screen) but thoroughly enjoyed the ambience and art/music. (The website was great too.)


Okay, finally got 100% completion.

I feel the gameplay had a lot of interesting ideas, but the balance had major issues. Resources are too tight in the beginning, but too abundant by the end. You don't have wiggle room to learn the rules during what should be the tutorial, but by the time you do, you can trivialize every encounter. I really love the ecosystem between Food, Dishes, and Trash, but when you can just buy 99 units of food (possible by the end- or even mid-game), it's trivialized and you basically can't lose after that.

Being able to fully heal at any point by returning to the manager's room was also really gamebreaking, to the point I was honestly shocked it worked. HP is used as its own resource, both for skills and with balloons, but with the free refill it becomes an infinite one, again breaking the economy. The only restriction on farming balloons for infinite resources is the player's time.

The other issue I had is that RNG does not work with tight resource management. When I can completely waste my attacks (or even my resources) based on nothing but random chance, it's no longer possible to make any kind of plan on how long I can survive. A routine encounter can kill me if I get extremely unlucky and miss every attack.

Relatedly, I think the Wrong Turns really needed some kind of rubber-banding effect. In some Wrong Turns I got difficult monster encounters every single room, while in some I got almost none. Once again, that completely wrecks any attempt to plan ahead or budget resources. The bonus allies, in particular, really should not have been random; they are far too much of a game-changer in terms of both action economy and additional HP. Wrong Turns are often decided entirely by whether or not you get them.

(On that note, soda cans were ridiculously overpowered. Making you effectively invincible and double actions and indefinite duration based entirely on luck for only $8 was gamebreaking. Enemies who used the effect were also just frustrating, since there is no way to strategically counter it, you just have to keep attacking until luck wins out.)

I enjoyed the overall experience -- the aesthetic, the exploration, the different classes, and the mechanic of fueling skills through items -- but the balance was really all over the place.

(I also think Wambo Combo might be bugged? It doesn't seem to restore any more HP than using Food regularly.)

I think I've cleared everything (finished all Wrong Turns, security room, and oven) but I still have 2 razors and one folding stool I haven't used. Are they just extras, or am I missing something?

Additionally, does destroying the security cameras do anything? Is that what's required to activate the right porta-potty and get the security key?

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This is a really good game, and im a little late to it, but i've really enjoyed it so far

I just wish it was a bit harder... If you put any thought or resources into any fight it becomes a cakewalk. Unless you get unlucky.

Case in point: disposable cameras

Using a disposable camera and then any attack at all is a failproof strategy on any enemy, or even groups of enemies


thus is a fnaf fan game? :/


I'll be playing more of this but the game is really good. Reminds me of FNAF. The aesthetics and the atmosphere are really good.


I followed all of the Mac instructions and it still won't open whatsoever. Just a month or two ago I used to be able to just play the game through the itch.io Mac app, but it won't let me do that anymore. I'm really bummed because this was my favorite game and I really wanted to revisit it. Any advice? Again, I extracted the zip file onto my desktop, and then tried it again in my documents and tried to follow the instructions above to the letter, so I really don't think it's an us issue. 

I noticed itch.io says there was an update 33 days ago, I think whatever that update was might've messed things up (at least for me). Is there any chance the files from before the most recent update could be made available for Mac users? Like I said, it used to run perfectly through the itch app on Mac, but some time in the last 1-2 months it stopped being able to do that. But also I don't know a lot about computers and could be totally wrong


sorry you’re experiencing this, the files are only from the latest version of the game, updated last year.  And the FAQ was updated to the best of my knowledge regarding the common issues when running the game.

Don’t know much about mac issues, but using a VM seems to be the best way to play on a mac. 

Hope this helps

Has anyone had any luck getting this to run in WINE? I've yet to come upon a working combination of settings.

Unfortunately, the best I've been able to manage was getting it to launch and run, but with no visuals, only a black screen.


im on mac and the game crashes before i can open it

Computer crashed and I seemed to have lost my game.  Any way to recover the old save file?

(1 edit)

loving this game so far but I think I've run into a glitch? *spoilers*

So I unlocked and went through the porta-potty, got the senior staff member and started the battle in the stezzoni, my waitress died but the senior staff member was able to finish the fight, I assumed that after the fight I would end up on the "you're terminated -$50" screen but instead it gave me the security key and let me walk around as the waitress still with 0/24 hp but wouldn't let me feed her any pizza or use skills or anything because she's technically dead (also wont let me use the wake up juice from the senior staff member). So I thought I would be able to return through the portapotty and either find a fight for her to die in or fire her but when I go to the screen with the portapotty it says that the "senior staff member has left the party", gives me the stezzoni disclaimer screen, and brings me to the title page. Any ideas for fixes? something I'm missing? It autosaved so I'm kind of stuck and can't finish the game.

Sorry you encountered this, aside from being in  battle, there’s no other way to revive your party members unless with the Revive skill or dying in battle and getting sent back to the Manager’s console.

Sorry there isn’t much to help aside from starting over

I was afraid so, thanks for the reply! I can start again now with the knowledge of what NOT to accidentally do lol

Aargh - Mac problems.  I was really enjoying this game, but I was having the Mac issue where the game wasn't saving.  So I updated my OS to Catalina 10.15.6 on the theory that my OS might have been out of date.  Now I can't play at all - I'm getting the message "The application 'Game' can't be opened". I guess there's no fix on the way judging by all the people in the comments with the same issue? Not exactly understanding why this game is being sold for Mac OS if it doesn't work for Mac OS.  Or this is one of the first solo developer games I've purchased - are these kinds of experiences just sort of part of the package if you want to try to play smaller games? 

(1 edit) (+1)(-1)

You make check for the following if you are playing on Mac:

  • Be sure to properly extract the zip's contents to a location like desktop
  • run from game.exe, not from the index file

Older mac OS versions have issues with the engine not saving along with runtime issues, but this largely varies depending on the mac OS version.
An alternative to playing on Mac would be installing a virtual machine and running Windows from there.

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I love how much horror and unease you can inflict with just a few pixels, or by the simple pacing of text. This game has an excellent tone that doesn't go over the top, it just sets its world and carries on in it. I have questions still and wish I could explore more of this world and this absolutely cursed restaurant, but at the same time I feel like learning anything more would ruin the tension, which is a good place to be for any kind of unsettling story, I think. The mechanics are neat and kept me engaged and calculating even in the late game when I felt like I had a solid strategy.

Finally, I really appreciate the option to turn the filter on and off! some chromatic abberation effects/flickering will give me a migraine if I look at them too long, so I wouldn't have been able to get nearly as far in this game if that wasn't an option.

I'm going to end this here before I ramble on even more, because I'm not like a serious reviewer of games or anything, I just wanted to say I like this one!

also  made me really crave some greasy delivery pizza, which I'm sure is fine

Destroyed every camera, except the one in the bathroom.  I can't seem to figure out how to get to that one.  Not sure if destroying them all does anything - but it just seems... weird to have them be destructible without any pay off other than a cash reward. Anyone else have a different experience?

Same here, if anyone does know how to get to the bathroom camera it would be much appreciated


I've played this game since it was released as a demo and I LOVED IT. I eventually bought the game and I love the story of this pizzeria. It was unique, it was awesome and the characters/combat are awesome. Spent a good 2 days or so playing this game because I was so into the story of the place. Although, I'm kinda stuck with the endoskeleton thing where I couldn't find the glasses 😅 really liked some tips for that tho

But overall, this game is awesome and I will replay it again just so I can experience it with the other characters (since I used Mascot, Security Guard and Attendant for my first playthrough)


got the glasses from the old wheelchair lady. idk how i triggered it, but after getting everything else, including the XXL Cheezy bar events, i talked to her and she gave them to me before dying

Thanks dude! ^w^

Game freezes after a few minutes of gameplay. It's the only app open, Java 8 up to date. WIN10 x64 version 2004. Any suggestions?


Check for the following

  • Be sure to properly extract the zip's contents to a location like desktop
  • run from game.exe, not from the index file
  • make sure browser and libraries are up to date

Hope this helps


Update: I've been able to play the game recently for 1 hour+ stretches of time without issue. The issue seems to occur if I maximize or resize the window. Too bad, be nice to reliably play in a full-screen style mode, but I'm happy it's working.

I have everything to put on the skeleton guy, except for the glasses. I read in the comments here that when the old lady dies i take hers, but when will that happen?

where did you find the wig?

I believe she dies after you complete the wrong turn in that room. I am also curious where you found the wig.

To find the wig go back to the Alleys Wrong Turn (the location where you're first employee dies at the very beginning.)

sorry to necropost but I'm pretty sure she dies if you watch channel 13 on the TV


This game is great! A fun game with some horror. I love the entire game

This game is pure joy, but, I  got a little issue; even got it recorded and can upload if needed. Was fighting a present mimic in the Birthday Event Wrong Turn from the video, and died after more than 20 turns of missing, healing, and even magic marker-ing the target several times,  miss miss miss miss miss miss,  using attacks, skills, and items. 

Update : Problem is not so much solved, as bypassed by the issue eventually not happening.  I lost 4 or 5 characters to the recurring miss miss miss miss issue, happening both with the gift mimics, and the Birthday Entity, but, never when fighting balloons.  Once  footage renders and is uploaded, will link my evidence.  


*sad cause thought was fnaf related*

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