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No Delivery is a procedurally generated CRPG, pizzeria simulator where you are the newest in a long line of employees for a local decrepit pizza parlor. Despite the rumors, shady history, and missing persons cases, you sign up for the night shift because it pays slightly more and all the kids’ birthday parties should have ended by then…

Luckily, it’ll just be a boring job in an empty pizzeria… right?


Be prepared for...

  • Challenging turn-based RPG combat!
  • Procedurally generated dungeons!
  • High employee turnover rate!
  • Financial management for a haunted restaurant!
  • Business lingo!

Check out the site for more information!
(Ask your parents permission before going online)
Stezzoni Pizza Webpage


Content Warning: Flashing + Strobing Lights and effects, gore, animal death, mild language, and suggestive themes.

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Hit me up on the outlets above!

If you'd like to support development, get access to early builds + PSDs, and help keep the lights on, hit the links below!

Support me at Patreon.com

Buy Me a Coffee at ko-fi.com

Check out the Bandcamp for the soundtrack and physical cassettes!

TheNGVirus | Bandcamp

Tips for Installation - PC/Mac:

  • Unzip/extract the contents of the zip file, do not play from inside the zip file, it will not save.
  • Be sure to properly extract the zip's contents to a location where you can Read/Write/Execute (like the Desktop, Documents, etc)
  • Do not play from the index file, it will also not save
  • Older mac OS versions have issues with the engine not saving + runtime issues, but this largely varies on the MacOS
  • Other alternatives include using a virtual machine to play, ie VMware, Wine, VirtualBox, etc


  • DEMO release: 6/14/19
  • DEMO v0.2 release: 6/18/19
  • FULL VERSION v1.0 release: 9/26/19
  • PATCH v1.01 release: 10/1/19


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

No Delivery_v1.01.zip 562 MB
No Delivery_1.01_OSX.zip 563 MB
No Delivery Employee Survival Guide.pdf 2 MB

Download demo

No Delivery Demo_v0.2.zip 398 MB
No Delivery Demo_v0.2_OSX.zip 399 MB

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love this game wish it was on steam


 It will be coming to Steam some time  this year

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omg THIS is the game ive been thinking of for a while! i got it for free one time because of a brithday sale i think, but i lost it because i was borrowing the laptop i was playing it on for my dads work since they had extras! when i get my own bank account i should be able to get it again though :D my  parents dont trust itch.io enough to let me pay for anything on this site/app :( loved it when i got it before and i cant wait to get it again sometime soon :D

PS: if it sounds like im trying to make up an excuse to get it for free or something, i am not. I am diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and cant tell if things i say/type sound genuine or not :( im sorry 


Great game! Very engaging, fun and full of unexpected scenarios.

You can view my playthrough here: 

No Delivery is a dope horror game hidden behind the funny pixel pizza delivery concept. The dirty environment may not be a thing for everyone. There could be more highlight effects on the interactable objects, and the control on the menus could be more clear.


Picked up the game awhile ago and never really got around to playing it until recently. At that point, I loved it so much I nearly obsessed over it. It's a delightful game that feels punishing until you get a system that works for you. (Waitress MVP)++

I'm trying to play the Mac version. My OS is up to date, but no matter where I put and extract the zip (the folder where I run my other games, my desktop, the documents folder) trying to open the game brings up the error message "You do not have permission to run the application 'Game'" despite the permissions saying I can read/write and my user is the owner. 

Is there a step I've missed, besides putting the zip file in an editable folder and unzipping it?

Preferably, the user should have read/write/execute privileges to properly run the game, this should be the case when the contents of the zip file are fully extracted (when it’s unzipped and moved outside the zip file).
You may try to Run as Admin or any equivalent method to see if that’s the case also.
However, I’d recommend using the Windows version as it is more stable to run as the Mac version may have issues depending on the OS version.

It may have to wait until I can afford a PC, then. Ah well.


Hello! I have been trying to play this game on my Mac via the itchio app, and every time I open it, it immediately closes afterwards, do you have any tips so that I can play this game? Thanks in advance!


I’m not familiar with the itchio app, but please note that the game may have runtime issues depending on the MacOS version.

Here’s some relevant points from the Installation Tips on the store page, hope this helps:

  • Older mac OS versions have issues with the engine not saving + runtime issues, but this largely varies on the MacOS
  • Other alternatives include using a virtual machine to play, ie VMware, Wine, VirtualBox, etc

I am having the same issue too which really sucks because I was super interested in playing :,(


Apologies for the inconvenience, you may see my previous reply for suggestions, but to reiterate:

 The game may have runtime issues depending on the MacOS version. This can vary with older versions.

Here’s some relevant points from the Installation Tips on the store page, hope this helps:

  • Older mac OS versions have issues with the engine not saving + runtime issues, but this largely varies on the MacOS
  • Other alternatives include using a virtual machine to play, ie VMware, Wine, VirtualBox, etc

Hi! is there any way to change the aspect ratio or full screen the game? Thank you!

On Windows/PC, you can drag the corners to resize the window or drag the window to the top of the desktop to bring the window to screen size.

Hope this helps


hello! absolutely love this game, favorite itch.io game and one of my favorite games period. coming back for my third replay, but unfortunately i can't seem to get the mac version to work. i've only ever played on a pc, and had no problems there, but the mac version won't even open for me. i can't use wine on my os and i'd rather not install windows, so i'm hoping theres an easier solution. is your game compatible with macos monterey? that's what i'm running right now 

thanks in advance for any help you can give!


Aside from the Installation tips on the store page, there isn’t much troubleshooting for the Mac version; it varies as older MacOS versions may have runtime problems.

Thank you for your thoughts tho and apologies for any inconvenience regarding this

Might like this game more if it allowed me to play it.

Installed it in my Downloads folder. Worked right the first time; second time I try to open the game, it closes itself when I choose an option between Start, Continue or options. What gives!?

it may help to move the game folder to another location like desktop, etc. 

The Downloads folder may have rules that remove files after some time or prohibit writing to files, which may prevent the game from running.

You may also check the Installation tips on the store page, but reiterating them here as well:

  • Unzip/extract the contents of the zip file, do not play from inside the zip file, it will not save.
  • Be sure to properly extract the zip's contents to a location where you can Read/Write/Execute (like the Desktop, Documents, etc)
  • Do not play from the index file, it will also not save
  • Older mac OS versions have issues with the engine not saving + runtime issues, but this largely varies on the MacOS
  • Other alternatives include using a virtual machine to play, ie VMware, Wine, VirtualBox, etc

Thank you, and apologies for being so hostile. Will keep trying.

Update: sometimes the game doesn't work, even after being installed in the Downloads folder; when that happens, I look for the Save folder, check Properties, and uncheck the Read Only box (it appears with a blue square filling the box); seems to work so far.

the game will require its folders to be writeable for it to run and autosave to function, so that tracks. I do recommend moving the game folder to elsewhere other than the Downloads folder just to be sure.

But glad you got it working

where do i get the glasses for the employee of the month thing please im begging

after you watch the tape in the break room, talk to the Senior Staff

follow up question, where do i get the tape

collect the clown statuettes and trade them with the guy outside the Breakroom


you should add a cutscene where a pizza gets put in someones butt crack and the character goes "yeehaw, pizza style"


Question: does this game have jumpscares? I like horror but am a complete baby when it comes to jumpscares.


there’s no jumpscares, just creepy atmosphere and some disturbing content (which are listed in the content warning)


Finally got around to playing this game I got in the Racial Justice bundle forever ago. Really fun! I am not sure if I was supposed to break the combat with soda, but I did. Maybe I am the RPG scrub here but it did feel a little weird when the combat essentially became stun locking the boss with soda and cameras, but I wont say it wasn't satisfying to figure 'solve' the combat. It was tense at first since the limited party made it much more difficult to manage your turn properly, which made stomping everything in my path with a loaded inventory very satisfying. Fun game!


Lots of good things said by others, but unfortunately I found the game, UI, and story confusing and difficult to get into :( It is cheap for what it is, but I am surprised that it is a finished game, as I assumed my issues were due to unfixed bugs or would be patched out later. Seems it is really meant to be played this way.


Dude , this is one of my favorite creepy games to date! There's so much going on, so many secrets to unlock, and so so much story to speculate on! 

It's absolutely WILD that this doesn't have more attention! I've never made a let's play video before but this game makes me want to, just to bring more attention to it! 

There are still some secrets I haven't figured out, like the security room, and one of the manniken pieces, and I was hoping to find some tutorials sometime! I'll have to play again and see what's left to do! 

If you don't mind me saying, while I love that this game is so affordable at $5, I super feel like you might be underselling yourself! This is a game I would pay $15-20 for at the least! 

I cannot wait to see what you come up with next in your games, if you're still making games!


Hiya! I'm one plaque away from 100% completion (I think!) and wanted to find out if beating the Cleanup Kid game in the bathroom stall with the controller is possible required? I love the rest of the game so much, but I can't seem to beat this particular version of this minigame.


Never mind - just beat it finally!!!



The bathroom version of Cleanup Kid is not required for 100% completion


this was great to play and explore, loved the horror and the way you have to piece together the story yourself without getting all the answers...


Been having an interesting time with this game, very unique blend of horror, adventure, and turn-based RPG elements as you make your way through the different parts of the creepy pizza establishment. Definitely been enjoying it so far, I'm hoping to get around to making more parts on it!


saw one screen shot and nah theres a animatronic


Yo oates! I'm a megafan of No Delivery, one of my favorite games of 2019 and this year for Halloween I decided to make my own custom board game expansion as a tribute! I hope you have a happy Halloween! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2642783808


yooo, this looks awesome! Great work!


Please make it claimable

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Needs to be claimable or it's not actually

"On Sale! 100% Off" !!!

This game does not work on my machine at all: When I attempt to boot the .exe it shows some very strange file browser of the directory several folders above the game's install point. This file browser does nothing and cannot be used.

Other people I know with similar machines and installs can play it fine. I can even play other games by this same creator that were made in the same software (specifically Nobody's Home) on this machine.

Attempting to search for what's going wrong only brings up 5 year old unanswered RPGMaker forum posts. Can somebody help me or point me to a fix?


Hey, you may check the Tips for Installation - PC/Mac section on the store page here for common issues on running the game.

This game is different from Nobody’s Home in that it requires to be able to write/execute on its own folder for the save system, so the game’s folder will need to be properly extracted and located in a directory with r/w/x permissions (like desktop or similar folders). 

If your machine also has specific configurations on its file system or how files are kept/saved, it may also have an effect on the game’s running.
Hope you can get it to run

Weirdly, it had already been in a folder with all permissions, but removing those permissions and then re-adding them fixed it! This is extra-weird because at one point I completely replaced my fresh itch.io install with one transferred via USB from a friend's computer. Both versions had the same issue, even though neither versions of the files had been denied rwx at any point. Hopefully this helps pinpoint whatever might have caused this issue to keep it from cropping up in future releases.


Seen some play throughs and had to experience myself. Passion of the dev only confirmed by them offering 100% off for Halloween. Had to throw them some Wallaby-Bucks regardless.

Will update comment with impressions after playing :)


thanks so much, hope you enjoy! 


Here's my update - I really enjoyed it. I liked feeling my way around with limited direction (though the manual was a welcome assist). Really quality work, good combat, good story, great visuals. 

Would have liked some of the protocols or intervening sections during the day to recur more - I never got to see a performance on stage I had to keep going lest an 'incident' occurred and the game assured me there was nothing else to see.

Overall, worth more than it's being sold for and way more polished than a lot of other indies with more publicity and fanfare. A real gem.

Will definitely keep watch for the other work from you, though I've already downloaded the rest of your catalogue. 

this game is extremely fun :) love the enemy designs, they’re extremely creative and well done as many have pointed out, this is insane especially for an RPG maker game i’d love to see what you could do without the constraints that engine has

thanks for playing!

I would like to try out other engines too, time permitting


I've come back to this game a few times over the year I've owned it (about to do so again, in fact) and I still haven't figured out if there's anything else to do once you unlock the manager. I mean, I couldn't find any additional content, but what if I'm just missing it!


Hey, thanks for playing!
Unlocking the Manager should be the last thing to unlock in the game.
Excluding the extra stuff from We Deliver

Terrific small game! Has great sense of exploration, discovering new areas, objects, characters etc. The fighting system was surprisingly gripping and rewarding, but the fights themselves turned out to be quite easy once you get to know it. Nevermind that though, since Stezzoni Pizzeria has climate to spare and is a place greatly worth visiting at night. Storyteling was also spot-on, and same goes to art and soundtrack. The only flaw is that I expected it to have more replayability value as fully fleshed-out rougelike, but even though there is no real reason to go back to Wrong Turns that you already visited, the expirience itself fully compensates for that. Good game for, say, Halloween evening at home, especially if you search for something a bit creepy rather than outright really scary.


Happy to provide a creepy experience for a Halloween evening!

Does the monitor face guy in the Arcade Bathroom do anything?

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THE TOILET SCENE DOE.... But i love the game it was IMMACULATE!!!

I'm a little lost. what is the cheesy chew for? Also, is there another way to deal with showtime puppet or can you only show him the skin?

when I try to play it, all it says is "you do not have permission to open the application "game". I'm on Mac OS. Is there any fix for this.


check where the game folder is located, it may be in a folder where your user cannot run it. Perhaps place the game folder in the Desktop or other accessible folder.

Also check if the .zip file contents are fully extracted.

The user that is logged in may also not be able to run it.

Hope this helps

So should I play on a guest account? I've tried placing it on the desktop too. Also, what would the zip file contents look like when extracted?

it may depend on your computer but most any  user would be able to run the game file. But be sure that the version downloaded is the OSX version too. Running the windows version on a mac may give a similar message.

And the game folder should be the result after extracting from the .zip file.

You may also see the Tips for Installation - PC/Mac on the game page too.

Hope this helps

I had a question, how do you summon the chef or the other ghost from the restrooms? the ones that says 'from now on can be summoned during wrong turns'. Is it a class specific thing? a chance to happen in combat?


this means you’ll have a chance to add them as party members during Wrong Turns.

The body tape will come up randomly during the Wrong Turn and depending on who you unlocked, you’ll add the party member.

Hope this helps!

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Having a fun time with the game, but afraid I'm stuck. Space for some spoilers:


Can anyone help me find the XXL Cheezy Bar so I can go where the cat is blocking? I've cracked open all the walls, and completed the Arcade, Alley, Freezer, Backstage, and Playground Wrong Turns. I also THINK I've travelled all the ducts available. Got no idea how to proceed. The mood of the game is great, fun but I wish I could find a walkthrough or a guide.

I did end up getting the key to the employee car before I could give the guy inside of it a Cheezy bar. Hope I didn't miss something vital.

One more note: I think I can see stairs leading up from the kitchen when I'm in the vent crawlspace. No idea how to access them though.

At the Stage, in the hallway you can get to after breaking the wall down. There are stairs leading to the right at the end of the hall with the endoskeleton.

Hope this helps!

D'oh. Thank you! I totally missed it, stairs were a bit too dark for my eyes to register playing late at night.

I said it before but: great game by the way. I've been completely absorbed in it ever since I picked it up a few days ago. 

Very excellent game, I had a lot of fun finding all the different Wrong Turns & hidden places, and I really love the different vibes each area has. 
Is there a way to destroy all the security cameras? I've hit the ones in the lobby, the playroom, and the arcade room but there are ones in other areas I haven't figured how to access, like the ones in the bathrooms?

Thanks for playing, the security camera in the bathroom is actually inaccessible (an oversight on my part).

Destroying security cameras is just another way to earn extra money/items, and there is no overall reward for destroying all of them.

Is there any way to play this fullscreen? Really good game btw

If playing on Windows, you can drag the game window to the top of the screen to maximize the window. 
It’s not complete full screen, but it should get it as big as it can.

You can also maximize the game window on other platforms as well.

Hope this helps


I saw Vinesauce play this a while back, stuck with me ever since. Such a cool game. Glad to see oates is still active.

Easily one of my favorite games- by far my favorite horror game. Perfect pacing, fantastic atmosphere- It never felt unfair or drawn out. Played it with a few friends and we were all highly invested, getting all the ends was super rewarding. Thank you for such a great experience!

Hey, thanks so much for playing!

Glad y’all enjoyed this pizza-flavored experience

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