No Delivery Dev Log #3 - Post Demo


It’s been a hot minute since releasing the demo and wanted to say thanks to everyone who has played, viewed, and spread the word about it! The demo’s gotten a great reception over the past week and really appreciate everyone who donated and supported development!


As for future development, there are still a few areas that can be explored for the full game, all of which include various danger levels and venues. For this reason, I feel it’s probably important to address the current gameplay loop and progression. In order to access additional missions for the Wrong Turns, the player must first, be in the Manager’s Console, navigate to the Wrong Turns option, and select additional options on the selection map; not sure if keeping the options to access the investigation or extermination-level missions for the Wrong Turns buried under menus is a good idea, and if anything would probably confuse players a lot more, so I may add the options to access the different danger-level missions AFTER first discovering the Wrong Turn and upon returning, present the additional options.

This gameplay loop is largely derived from roguelike design and the idea of a successful or unsuccessful “run”; success being predicated on the fact you either survive the Wrong Turn or reach the end and obtain the item. Another aspect of the modernization of roguelikes includes the idea of persistent upgrades despite the perma-death; this comes in the form of the dossiers, each giving a permanent upgrade in HP and attack power plus 1 additional skill to each class of employee. Sure, employees come and go, but the business and its standards and policies remain the same.

Game design aside, let’s talk about new areas. Before No Delivery, there was this little game called “One Night at the Steeze”, which was actually my first project in rpgmaker. At the time, FNaF was in the middle of kicking off so there were certain ideas that remained to be explored in hindsight; some of these areas and ideas are in the demo, and for anyone who has played “One Night at the Steeze” (all 832 of you now, original numbers was probably around 300+), certain places look familiar, others were expanded upon, and some are new altogether. The same applies for the rest of the game, and despite it all taking place in one building, there will be quite a lot of variety in environments.


In terms of how soon the rest will release, I’ll working as much as I can get the rest of the areas implemented, polish the game and keep it from being a buggy mess and prevent stuff like below from happening…


As for the other aspects of the project, I’ll keep ya’ll updated on what’s in store.

There’s quite a lot of multi-media involved.


Again, thanks for following development and playing the demo! If any bugs or glitches are encountered, report them here or any other outlet! I always keep an ear out!

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Just wanted to say: I love this game, I'm looking forward to more, and I wish you the best of fortunes. I really like the atmosphere and aesthetic, along with the NPCs (red one's my favorite so far)