No Delivery Dev Log #5 - Content Completion


Great news! No Delivery has just passed the content completion milestone!

This includes the implementation of all the features that will be seen in the full game, most of which include content for the story, visual assets, and the battle system. Some of which can be seen in the teaser below.

This project is largely inspired by Darkest Dungeon’s roguelike and combat mechanics, and while not the focus of its battle system, the Mark mechanic was a very interesting status as it functioned less like an extension of elemental attributes and more about getting into the in-game role. And for those familiar with my previous games, you might notice that the Sugar Rush status is basically a combination of 2 statuses used in my previous games; the effect of putting the “evasion buff until hit” on the extra turn privilege creates higher stakes on decisions during encounters. This way, nearly every turn is a gamble if you don’t prioritize removing the status effects first, but can also be a completely viable way to play if you choose a different strategy.


As for the rest of the story, you’ll be running into all kinds of environments and unique combat encounters in both the pizzeria and Wrong Turns. As mentioned in previous dev logs, many of the design cues for the overworld and interaction are taken from Fromsoft’s games, namely the Soulsborne games and more recently Sekiro. Despite releasing during development, Sekiro has a unique approach to item distribution and design as nearly everything is concisely meant to contribute to the core systems introduced in beginning. It’s amazing to see how everything ties together, but on the flipside, it can be underwhelming to encounter nearly the same pool of items in different areas; and seeing as how No Delivery is very much an ‘item-based’ rpg, it was beneficial to look into item usage and the economies that can arise from that.


Development’s been great working with both TheNGVirus and dRedder on the soundtrack, both really brought their A-game for this and gives the game an entirely new dimension to it. In great horror, sound is usually most of the experience and aside from the ambient hums and footsteps on different surfaces, a horrific moment or musical track leaves just as much of an impression.


By passing the last milestone on the way to completion, what’s left now is the polishing phase, balancing encounters, and making sure everything’s airtight for full release sometime near Spooktober if things fall into place!

If you’d like to get a physical cassette of the soundtrack, check out TheNGVirus on bandcamp!

Also check out dRedder on soundcloud!

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Great to hear, I've been checking every day, several times a day since buying the demo to check for any updates on the release. I am starting to get really excited. 


Yep, it’s gna happen dood