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I love the style of this game, it was fun and I'm glad I played it.

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Hey Oates, I've been doing speedruns of this game and I hope you would answer some questions for me. What do the stats actually do? The only one I'm 100% sure about is Competence letting me ignore the broom damage from the cleanup encounters (at the cost of some text boxes) if it's 2 or more. The rest, I have 0 clue what their effect on fights is at all, but if I had to guess, they probably effect my crit rate or runaway chance or something right?

Also the fear level, what does that do?

And finally when does the in game timer stop and start? I don't think it's removing loads, although it's been shorter than my timer, but not by much.

I've gotten to a certificate in like 25 minutes and got all 5 in about an hour so far, but I made a mistake and did the ball pit on accident (bummer that it's skipable, it's a neat area since it's just one big monster) so that might be closer to 50 minutes. Here's the leaderboard: so far it's just me, but at least one of my friends might do some runs of it. Gonna submit it to gdq and see if they'll take it too.

Keep on being excellent, had fun with this one and nobody's home. Thanks for the help.


hey, awesome work with the speedrun!
Each of the stats (Prof, Competence, Fun) don't affect combat in any way. Each stat is used for stat checks in Wrong Turns for different obstacles (unopened giftboxes for example) and yield different results (rewards like food, ammo, etc). Fear Level functions the same, but chiefly with opened giftboxes (i believe above a certain level, you will always fight something)
You're also right with Competence letting you ignore broom dmg too as well as optional areas like the Playground and Freezer.
anyway, hope that all helps and good luck with the speedrunning!

Heya Oates, I and my older sis loved the game! We played it all day and completed it.

We both think you are under-selling yourself with that price, however. This is at least worth a $10, with all the work put into it. And that's a low-ball. Don't sell yourself short dude, this was great! Look forward to more of your stuff. :D


thanks so much!

I’ll keep that in mind!

Looks like this game is based on earthbound

Hey, I want to buy No Delivery but the demo constantly freezes from time to time, making it unplayable... It didn't happen when I had windows 7, but now what I switched to win 10 it does. Any idea?

Did playing the game make your computer blue screened like mine did? Because I don't think the game plays well with windows 10 for some reason. 

During development, the game works fine with both Windows 7 and 10.
Issues like freezing usually happen if there's something else intensive running at the same time. It may also run slower if the game's window isn't selected.
The engine, rpgmaker, also uses graphical libraries common for browser content, so checking if Java/Javascript is up to date may help

Thank you. So, can we use the other empty game savefiles for our current game or no? Or do we have to rely on the autosave feature for saving? And if not then, where do we go to save?

the game only has autosave, but like in other comments you can trigger autosave by entering/exiting rooms. It also always autosaves in the first file slot.

Yeah, so why does the game have multiple save files then? Because that's odd to have that if we're only allowed one save file to use.

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I've been playing the game with nothing else opened, except task manager in the background to check what was going on.

Apparently sometimes (specially when in wrong turns, accessing menus, or combat, and some other random times) it eats CPU and GPU like crazy, then goes back to normal. Something I've noticed is that in the task manager there are 3 game process... Game.exe (32 bits), Game.exe (32 bits), and Game.exe (32 bits) (2)... By the way, I use windows 10 64 bit. It seems that the one with the (2) is the main process, but still I found it odd. Also in theory my Java is up to date.

EDIT: Something I've noticed is that after you startup the game, it runs well for about 3-5 minutes, then starts to slowdown or freeze. Hope all of this info helps.

About the engine, yeah, I've heard of similar problems with the RPGMaker MV engine, so it could be something about it and not the game itself. I'll look further into it, thanks a lot for your response, oates. Despite the freezes and stuff, I'm loving the game. So again, ty.

MV's engine does have a lot of lag I've noticed. Even just trying to run any game on it for me it bogs down my CPU. 

Does anyone know where you can save your game?

It should save automatically but I suppose you can use phones to end your shift

There's multiple save files to use for the game. My save got wiped because playing No Delivery made my pc bluescreened for some reason. 

Hey, I've read about the bluesreen thing in the other topic. No, it never happened to me, but try running it in compability mode and administrator mode. 

In THEORY, if you only have 1 save file, you should only have 3 files in your www\save folder. config, save1, and gloabl.

It's super weird that it's not letting you auto-save, but maybe try adding the game folder as an exception for your anti-virus? It's just a random guess though...

I knew that kid and the layout of the building and those clown statues were all so familiar! It took me until the post-completion room to remember One Night at the Steeze. At least now I know I'm not going crazy.

Anyway, that was a nice four hours. Shame there's not a wiki for this game yet.

So i downloaded the demo to test the game before buying, but it isn't really working, the intro plays out fine but when i get into the tutorial thing, the map doesn't appear, i can still control my character and advance to the next area, the little interaction icon still appears when i get close to something, and the fight appears normaly, the background of the menu with the Start Shift option also doesn't appear and neither does any other map related thing. 

Did anyone else have this problem? Is there any way i can fix it?

The only way this issue was replicated was on older Mac OS versions, unfortunately I’m unable to sufficiently test and fix this for the Mac versions

Well that's fine, it's likely a problem with my graphics card.

I bought this game two days ago and blitzed it over a few hours. I love it. The artstyle, the gameplay, the music, the atmosphere. I sincerely wish it was a larger/longer game but I also understand crafting a game well takes time and resources. I couldnt give much but I sincerely hope you keep this up!

Can you fullscreen the game?

i believe you can just drag the games window to the top of the screen to fill the screen

Thanks, dude. I'm really loving the game so far. Also would you mind telling me about what the employee stats are? By this I mean professionalism, competence, fun, and fear level. 

I think I got all the certificates? At least the ones listed on the pdf. Is there anywhere to confirm which certificates I've obtained? If I recall correctly I got Death, Birth, Survival, Termination and Necromancy.

Cheezy Bar

No clue how to beat any level 3 danger wrong turns, I think I just have horrible luck and items.

Have you tried cleaning the messes you see throughout the pizzeria? You can clean them with brooms from the vending machine to discover useful tools. Also, play the arcade games! The tickets are helpful.

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Thanks for the advice, I beat one

Hi there! I've just completed playin the game, I think (Got the manager, but she can't use her skills? And nothing changes, since she apparently also gets killed in the Security Room???).

I'm honestly confused!!! What was the point of the skin suit, of destroying the cameras? (Plus, there was a bathroom camera I couldn't seem to access...) I never saw the skin suit get used. And completing the kid/ animatronic thing... What was supposed to happen? I know I got the Kid in my party, but what's the point of it? I'd love to hear a response back!  <3

There are a lot of branching paths in the game, like you mentioned, the Kid can be added to the party, but can only help with one boss in the area if you have all the required items. The same goes for the skin suit item.
The manager is essentially extra content

Thank you for responding! (Pray tell, where does the skin suit get used?)  


Bought the game about 24 hours ago; am 2 plaques away from beating it (unless I find more surprises). Take that as a way of saying this is one of the most immersive, coming-back-for-more indie RPGs I have played in awhile. I just can't put it down. A creepy story is paired well with appealing art/music and unique characters. The game-play is a fun mix of battling, a mini-game, and detective work that keeps me on my computer. I'm so happy I decided to purchase this after seeing a let's play.

The shortness of the game leaves some story elements under-developed, but there are satisfying conclusions for a game of this length. I look forward to more from this developer, and potential expansions of this game/idea/theme.


I've 100%'d the full version multiple times and greatly enjoyed my time with the game. The aesthetic is great, the music is great, the spritework is great, and it's got some replay value in attempting to do deathless runs with each character. I've showed the game to some friends via Discord streaming and for the full 2-3 hours it was very entertaining.

My favorite character classes were the Attendant for their aesthetics and the Security Guard for the sheer power of his abilities. Once a Security Guard hits mid-game he's practically unstoppable so long as you top off on bullets.

Ironically, basic enemy encounters were actually the most dangerous battles since I preferred to conserve my items for boss fights. I've had far too many close calls with random encounters, only to proceed to obliterate the bosses through liberal use of Disposable Cameras, Sodas, Markers and any given particular class' strongest ability.

A key part of my deathless run strategies involve collecting all the phone numbers possible at a certain point (I make it  a policy to not call numbers I shouldn't have access to yet) and putting them all in to get around $400, then raiding the Arcade bathroom for another $75 and the Whoopee Cushion, then stocking up on items before charging into the first Wrong Turn with confidence. My first run I didn't do this, but it's particularly cathartic to enter a Wrong Turn armed to the teeth after it gave you such a hard time on the first run through.

Despite my many runs through the game, I'm still not entirely sure what Fun and Professionalism actually do, although getting lucky enough to roll a 3+ Competence character is always nice.

If there are further updates or a sequel, I would love to see:

Hard Mode (locked behind getting one ending?): 

Disposable Cameras have a chance to fail to stun.

Phone numbers to acquire cash either stop working or give half as much cash.

Infinite-use attack items get cooldowns/can only be used by one party member per turn.

Other things that make it harder, but remain somewhat fair.

Create-an-Employee (locked behind optional boss?):

Call a shady recruitment business to find the perfect employee for you. Allows players to choose class, allocate stats and use money to either buy or remove Liabilities and Fear Level. Could also include palette swaps/alternate sprites to choose from for that personal touch. Could also just spend $100 to roll 4 random employees to choose from, perhaps?

One last thing to mention: thanks for not using jump scares. The tension and creepy atmosphere of the establishment is enough, and while there are surprises, none of them are of the screeching animatronic variety. The enemy designs are disturbing and grotesque, while some leave enough to the imagination so the player can fill in the blanks. Jumpscares would have cheapened that.

Thanks for all your hard work, it was certainly well worth the $5! 

perhaps stezzoni can be made into a restaurant chain...?

Deleted 79 days ago

Sorry to hear about, I’ve talked to the artist and they explained it may be a problem with distribution, and it will take time for any changes to reach all services.

Gotcha, if this was unintended then I'll go ahead and remove the post made regarding it when the changes happen. Thanks for looking into it!

Looks like the claims were removed, so I've deleted the comment. Thank you very much

The problem I have is that the dipshits who work at RouteNote are 'selectively', one or two videos at a time doing copyright claims. It's almost as if they're being assholes on purpose by wasting our fucking time. They aren't copyright claiming EVERY SINGLE VIDEO that we have on the game, they're doing it Slowly, one at a time. THEN? When you tell them "I have a CC License", they release the claim - 

Then they copyright claim one or two of your Other videos all over again, and you have to re-explain that you have a CC License to this retarded company 500 times before they stop. It is basically harassment at this point. That no matter what reasons you provide to them, they won't fuck off, they release the claims knowing they have no foundation for the copyright claims - but they don't whitelist your videos and they keep sending copyright claims, and again - Not on 'all' videos of No Delivery, but just 'one at a time'. This company seriously needs to die and fuck off.

really sorry you’re experiencing this, and I have talked to the artist regarding the soundtrack and they were surprised by their distributor’s behavior as well.

As explained in above comments, it remains to be seen that the distributor acts on recent changes in licensing

Hello! Are you planning to release this game on Steam?

It’ll be itchio-only for now

Had RouteNote try to copyright claim 2 of my videos for the soundtracks in the game, I told them to fuck off because the CC license that NGVirus provides allows sharing of their music of this soundtrack. I fucking hate companies like this and Adrev who just falsely claim videos, likely in attempts to rob youtubers of their monetization - since the CC License doesn't say we are not allowed to monetize said-music. Had to copyright dispute them all.

Every time a company like Adrev or Routenote give me a false copyright claim, I tell them to suck my dick and let whoever reads it on their end know that they're a piece of shit, doing so usually makes them butthurt, be lazy and then leave it for the full 30 days without touching it until the rights go back to me. It's a good source off ventilation against these fraudulent companies though.


I bought this game a few weeks ago and I'm loving it! Everything about the game is awesome. The music, the art, the creepy enemy designs and the unique story. 
My only issue with it so far is that sometimes the game will lag or freeze for a few moments at random points. This happens during battles sometimes, and when I'm walking around in certain areas. 
I'm not sure if its just the autosave or what, but I figured I'd let you know just in case. Other than that though, amazing game and I've been recommending it to all of my friends and trying to bring more attention to it. 

I bought this game after seeing Pikasprey Blue play through half an hour on YouTube, and had to stop watching and buy it because I was so intrigued.  After 5 hours of dedicated gameplay I've managed to get the Completion Certificate and have had a great time!  All without a guide, as well, which feels like an extra accomplishment with multi-ending games these days!  I feel like I'm missing something, with that final phone call and the completion area, but I don't quite know what...I'll have to dive in every so often to look around again in the future.  Looking forward to it, and any future updates!  Thanks so much for this fantastic game!

Don't suppose you've considered a Steam release?

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I've been eyeing this game since the demo came out, and I'm lucky to have a friend who bought it for me today. I've been playing it for hours now, and after getting 2 endings and many objects, I'm floored by how wonderful this game is. Thank you for making such a fun and amazing game!

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I must ask, however, if you have any hints/tips how to get the second certificate/plaque? I have 1, 3, 4, and 5, but I'm not sure what to do for that 2nd one.

I have an extra step-stool, cheezi bar, and two extra razors. I don't know if they're used in finding this second plaque? 

If i remember correctly, it is the same route as the 3rd just choose a different option at the end.

Thank you so much!! I got the final certificate I needed and got into the unlocked area!

Question is... After all this I still have an extra folding stool, razor, and cheezy bar. Is there anything to do with them? And what's the purpose of the cake in the alley? Do you know? :o


You can use the razor to unlock a secret past the unlocked area. I think the cake is just to signify that you have unlocked the B-day entity , I'm not sure about the stool( I also have an extra one) and the cheezy chew gives extra dialogue if you speak to the senior before playing the tape.

Hello! This was the first game that I've ever gotten off and its probably the best purchase I've made in a while. 

For a while I've considered trying to make an RPG Maker game. However I've been intimidated by the time and commitment necessary to do so. People I know have also told me there are limits to what can be done with RPG Maker and that I wouldn't be able to make anything that stood out.

After playing No Delivery however, I've come to realize that unique experiences can still be made using RPG Maker.

I've played No Delivery to 100% completion. The art-style, atmosphere, and clear homages and inspirations from other games really tied the experience together for me. 

Thank you for making such a wonderful game, and thank you for inspiring me to continue my own creative pursuits!

great to know its breaking the mold!

Good luck in your creative pursuits

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I just played your game and had a great time! I hope to play this game more on my channel, thanks for making this weird (in a good way) game!


thanks for playing
i look forward to watching your playthrough

Loved this game! A truely unique experience.

I'm pretty sure I did all there was to do, unlocked all characters, and got all the special items during my 100% completion run, but I can't help but ask: Is there is anything different about playing as the Manager as oppose to the other characters? Something special you can do as that character (other than skills)?

no, its just a fun unlock

Does this game support controllers?

( Xbox one specifically )

not entirely sure, but i think it can support it.
i recommend just playing with a keyboard

I've been playing it with a PS4 controller and it does work, but the DPAD might not work and you may have to use the joystick to move, and the button assignments might be a little weird. If it doesn't work, just download Joy2Key and you can set it up easily to play with a controller of your choice. 


Finally finished this awesome game. Something I found funny was you could sorta create a paradox by getting a certain someone to shoot themselves in one of the endings and still walk off.


trust no one, not even yourself

I'm having sooo much trouble finding the glasses. I've gotten every certificate, beaten the game 100%, found every wrong turn, and I have even unlocked the manager. I have done almost everything in this game and even went so far as to beat the wrong turns and bosses again and again to see if somehow they might give me the glasses. No luck. I saw a comment on here about the glasses and all it said was you need the video tape. I have the cassete tape and I've gone through it a few times now and beaten the birthday entity. I still don't know where the glasses are. Please help!

talk to the senior staff, you should be able to get them

Thank you so  much! Also absolutely amazing game. There are tons of games in this style but this game has something for even the smallest details. I spent hours on end on this game because it always had me searching for something new. There seriously are not enough games with this much love put into it. 

Ah hah! I found the ARG :D

alright, you caught me!
the dog was behind everything

This game is really good! i haven't finished i yet, but i like how it looks, it reminds me of the person who made gorefield on youtube (i believe there yt acc is lumpy touch) plus i found it funny when i saw Bonnie, Chica, and Freddy on posters! (If there is foxy i haven't seen him yet) i would definitely recommend this to my friends!

Great game! Not sure if it's a bug or if I'm doing something wrong, but the drowned waiter is at 0 HP everytime it's summoned (didn't happen on my first playthrough). Having an employee die does not restore the waiter's health upon finding it again. Having a difficult time finishing the Arcade boss without another functioning party member.


oh, bit of an oversight by me.

Some wrong turns dont heal you and the party when u die.

Try to look out for mascot animatronics to heal your party before the boss


I LOVE this game and it is for sure going to be one of the games I recommend to my friends. I love the atmosphere and the challenge, while also exploring the bizarre and macabre history of the pizza place! Thank you for this unique experience, it's clear that this game was given a lot of love.


thanks for recommending it!

Got to say, as a fan of dark rpgmaker games, this did not disappoint! Paced wonderfully, and does pretty much everything you could think to do in a haunted pizzeria setting. Five dollars well worth spent, and I hope to see more from you in the future!


I 100% the game and figured out the ARG all myself! I love it all, so fun! Thanks for making a game with such love put into it! <3

Just to clarify, does the 100% certificate really mean 100%? I feel as if I may have missed some things (IE using razors a certain way instead of the alternative), and the steezie.exe seemed never to be used.

that's for getting all the certificates.
steeze.exe is for the model employee animatronic near the end

Does anyone know where to find the song that plays when you fight the mimics? I can't find it in the museum or the bandcamp.

It's here on soundcloud!
It's called "Industrial Atmosphere", though in certain parts the song is slowed

Sorry for the late replay, but thanks a lot!

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Lone giftboxes would be more tantalizing if there were more forms of mimic with different loot (Nasty mimic, Tasty mimic, Playful mimic, carbonated mimic?). Maybe sometimes a mimic wouldn't spawn at all. Just a thought! Love the game otherwise.

Edit: Why can the manager shoot herself?

Hey, second comment. I don't see a bug report button anywhere on here (new to so I will leave it here: menus can be activated on the frame you interact with an object. This can cause some bugs like the Cert. of Death boss reactivating after the fight, and in particular if you hit the menu button as you exit the Arcade cabinet, it will permanently overlay the purple arcade lighting and interrupt loading. This can be fixed by re-entering the arcade game.

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