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This game is so much fun and who couldn't love the aesthetics. I can't wait for the completed version.

i  havent checked this in a while and DANG this is growing and im getting even more hyped

The meal's close to done!


All I got to say is this is an amazing RMMV horror CRPG. There are a few loopholes and exploits that I abused the crap out of, but I'm sure those will be fixed. I can't wait to see an updated or full version of this game! Again, really great job and can't wait to see more from this developer.

Thanks for taking the time!

Look forward to watching your video


Really great game so far! Here's the second part out of three. In the final episode I'll show off all the fights and little secrets in the game. Also I'll bring up three loop holes I found to pretty much become invincible.

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This is a really new take on the RPG horror format! Things are rather confusing, but I'm figuring things out as I go.


Look forward to your video


I love this game so much and I can't wait for the full release! Looking forward to seeing what you do with the game.


nice video!




The ductway perspective looks really bad. Like really bad. I hope it's a place holder.


This game was great! The atmosphere, the unspoken lore, gameplay, immersion, itch for more, I can honestly go on. This is a very well-crafted game. I honestly cannot wait to see the full version!

Feel free to check out my experience!



Look forward to watching ur video!


BRUH your game never stops to suprise me its a really fun time playing  and would love  to play the full game this is the third and last for now gameplay of your game hope you enjoy watching and also if i miss something  would mean alot if you could help ;>


Just wanted to say I discovered this game thanks to Neco on YouTube, over all it's a pretty awesome game and my biggest complaint right now is waiting for another update because I want to see more so badly. Don't take that as me pressuring you to hurry up, I just wanted you to know how much I actually enjoyed the demo.

The only other minor complaint I have so far is the enemy variation. I understand that a horror game doesn't need to have blood and guts to be scary, but if I am being honest, I was tired of seeing garbage bags and arcade cabinets by the time I got done with the demo. And honestly, I grew up in the late 80s and am a splatter/exploitation film fan, so I do hope to see some more gruesome stuff later.

I hope you do end up incorporating some simulation aspects to the game. I think it'd be pretty intresting trying to balance a roguelike while also trying to keep the store clean and keeping regular business coming in.

I hope you continue with these neat little stories as you get lost in the resturant. I had no idea completing harder versions of "dungeons" actually tied in with the story of the game until I did it myself and it was a nice surprise. I think it'd be neat if each one had more than one story, even if they are random events.

Further, it'd be cool to see some other character classes in th game, so I hope that's something you considered, like a shift manager (which is differant than a store manager) or even a porter. I worked as one for two years and it involved coming in early to clean up the store, change around signs and manage inventory for the store doing rotations of products.

Other than that, I've seen a few people complain about the difficulty of the game, but once you manage to establish a base character at the resturant, I don't feel like it's too overly difficult, I think it's just the right level of difficulty. You are doing a great job designing a roguelike while not being too unforgiving, too many developers think making a roguelike means being hard as balls and I've never found that fun.

Keep up the good work dude!


hey, it's me again.

Wild question.

Was that Clown thing always there? it give me the chills when i whatch it closely.


There's several in the arcade. 


I think pizza game is good i die yes haha


I was about to say tons of stuff that will never to get to anything so i just reduced everything to this:

"I love the game more than i thought i would.

And i notice other people feel the same. 

I hope that this will be know at a global scale! (I even hope you can make merch)"

Keep going with it. -Your friend with weird ideas, Naachikko


Ey thanks for your thoughts 

May consider some limited run stuff further along the line


Spent about 2 hours on the game and "beat" the demo and I got a lotta feedback for ya, if you're interested.

But first and foremost I gotta say I love the atmosphere, humor, and overall mood of this game already. Very excited to continue playing it throughout it's development. I do like this game but I have some suggestions to make it... More enjoyable? For me at least.

1. Personally, I think you need to buff the characters plain attacks a bit. I tried a stroll in the alleyway and lost to a garbage bag on the first stage. I shot it with four bullets (some missed and others only did 5) which cost 40 dollars worth of grinding from that merchant dude. Needless to say, I was a little peeved.

2. Another thing you could think about is regenerating trash maybe? Cause it's easy to come across in the alleyways (if you survive) but then you have to sit through the same dialogue over and over and it gets boring pretty quick.

3. The escape. Please do something with the chance on the escape. I swear throughout my whole playthrough I only escaped about 6 times. And I tried to escape at least once on most bodybags and cabinets. It cannot be 50/50... Unless my luck is just terribly awful. My point is I died a lot and it kinda took the fun out of it since you can't avoid most creatures.

4. Speaking of... I know the rooms are generated and you already have that one room in the alleyway with the "run!" Sign but a few more rooms like that would be great in later levels. Just so you don't feel so trapped when you run across some bad luck? I know random choice is a part of it but it got real difficult for me when I kept dying over and over because my guy was too weak and the room kept spawning a two limbed or three limbed bodybag I couldn't escape from. you need to complete the dungeon for cash to buy things to eat or fight with it but to complete the dungeon you need those things already so it's a bit of a conundrum.

5. (This one might just be my terrible terrible luck since I've seen it work for others playing on YouTube but thought I'd mention it) every time I found a giftbox, open or unopened, it was always an enemy of some sort. The two on the regular floors were exceptions I think but every dungeon I saw them in it was always a monster. I might just be salty over my rotten rotten luck but idk this might a common complaint so thought I'd throw it out there. 

Final notes: 

I don't know if you know this but there's a bit of a hack to keeping or getting rid of characters. If you got a character you want to keep, like a mascot with 2 competence for instance, if you die you just attack the collector and it takes you right back to where you were so you can back out or hope for a better room change then keep playing same guy over and over. If you want to get rid of someone without firing for 50 bucks just die then hit the escape on him (which felt a lot more 50/50 to me than the other monster's for some reason) and then you get a different character, or the same with different stats at least. This could be intentional but I have no clue. It just seems weird with all the money connected to it.

That's another confusing thing. When you die it takes away 50, right? So you should go back to zero in that time you "fight" the collector. But if you escape it says you recieve 50$. But when you get the new character your usually back to zero. At least, that was my case. 

Okay so all in all, like the game though it's kind of hard and honestly I had to watch another youtuber because I was stumped on how to find the cheezy bars. With that in mind, was there anyway to open that door in the v.2 of the demo? Cuz I went through the trouble of getting another cheezy bar for the guy in the car after I gave one to the puppet and saw the show/credits (nice ending line btw) but the window was fogged up it said. I didn't complete the extermination mode of the alleyways because I didn't think it was necessary but is that the only way to do it? Or maybe it's not out yet who knows.

Either way, looking forward to updates and I hope any of my feedback helped at least a little and didn't come off as whining. But again this was based on my own experience so please don't think it's bad or anything. I mean, I did go pretty hard for a demo in only v.2 but I don't really leave comments so forgive me.

This is way too long, sorry, good luck, and bye!


Thats some good feedback, a lot of the issues mentioned are currently addressed within development or being reworked.

Escape chances are always the same, but this and RNG for other skills are being balanced. 

The death/Collector segment is also being reworked and the +$50 thing, given the scenario was an error on my part.

Thanks again!

no prob bob! and good luck with the rest of the game! ill make sure to drop by now and again to see it :D



much horror

so creep

Thanks for the playthrough!


I loved this game.  I hope it gets a full release, because this was a really good game.  I wasn't expecting this to be this good.  Thanks for making an awesome game!  


This game was brilliant, huge fan of this gameplay. Check out my video hopefully you like it too. :)


This game was sooooo good even though this is just the demo! It had so much replayability with each death and it was just so fun to play! I need answers to the story behind this game's pizzeria!!!!

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Hello! I wanted to try out this game- seeing Vinny played it got me really excited to try it out. Do you know if there's a reason it would crash after the training video? I've not been able to figure it out myself. Thanks!

Edit: I fixed it by launching it as an administrator- hope that helps anyone else who had this issue!


Thanks for bringing this to my attention!

Great that you got it working though, I’ll be looking into the issue 


No problem! I love the game, btw!


here is  The SECOND part of this funny game


Thanks, I look forward to watching your playthroughs


Hi, i love the game. Can i do the spanish translation?


Alternate title idea:
'Murican Horror Story:
By The SLICE...

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Just wanted to let you know I got a copyright claim for the music in your game on Youtube. For the music playing in the introduction training video. If this is an error, let me know. I appealed it anyways, as it's fair use - and therefore covered - but people abuse the system anyways. 

Cheers - 


Sorry about that, the tracks used in the game are all original, made by the game's composer with the exception of the 3-5 second sample used in one of the ambience tracks.
Perhaps that may have been the reason, but not entirely sure.


Its neat and fun, But overly hard. Please help.

This is a really good, scary game! I like how you can play different characters from delivery boys to mascots that can use different attack styles. The family-friendly pizzeria setting is great with the animatronics, arcade, and the entertainment. The battle system is good while I try to attack, but I end up trying to escape instead due to low ammunition. As for the stats, I think it is a good idea to use them for situations and cases, but in one time, I was able to clean up the mess without losing HP due to 'high competence skill', even though, it was 1. As for the wrong turns, it is cool to see that is completely random and you have no idea on what to expect in the next room. Also, the day shift is amusing as you try to resolve issues that can occur when the pizzeria is open and put on your best customer service face. I would love to see more of this! 20 / 10

Thanks for the feedback and I look forward to watching your playthrough!

The game have so much potential to be good. Right now the job that you do after succesfully return from a wrong turn can be exploited if you know what option to pick (and there's not that many). Plus i can't really see the reason behind the employee stats (Profesionalism, Fun, Fear level, etc) Either the game doesn't really show the significance of the stat enough, or it's not implemented yet. Either way, looking forward for the full release of this game !

P.S. : Seems like the healing move from the Mascot class need to be buffed a little (It double heals you, but no dish and trash is given (or maybe I didn't noticed and I'm just being dumb right now)). However, i never finished Darkest Dungeon, so who am I to judge the mechanic of the game...

I know that one of the stats makes it so if you clean up a mess in the arcade wrong turn, you don't take damage.

I'm pretty sure it's professionalism but idk.

It checks for Competence, so you’d be able to get through certain blockades for free

Thanks and definitely noted!

The demo is great, showing the weirdness the is to come. I get some really fun Earthbound/Mother vibes from the attack designs and monsters, with that "childhood thing corrupted" mentality that you see a lot of. Looking forward to the full game, I need to protect that pupper.

Thanks! I look forward to watching your playthrough

So, after watching Alpha Beta Gamer play it, I intalled and started a new save file. I chose the Windows version ,(since I'm using a Windows 7 computer). I boot up the game and it works fine until I reach the Wrong Turn after the Training Video. I've attached a link to a compilation of screen captures that I took below. They showcase the problematic areas and the functioning ones. I hope this issue is easy to resolve. I've tried making different save files, restarting the game, deleting, re-unpacking and still encountered the same problem.

Thanks for letting me know

So far, I’ve only been able to replicate this problem on the Mac version, so its good to get a similar case on Windows. It helps with the process of elimination to solve this problem

Thank you very much for the help! It's honestly very reassuring to know that the problem isn't (hopefully) client side. Keep up the good work, I can't wait for the full game!

I love the game, it is super addicting and I can play it for hours. The only problem I am having with it is that the guy in the show box mentions how there is a cheezy bar in the arcade, which I haven't been able to find. I was wondering if you would just be able to tell me how to get it? I feel like I've done everything! lol

Bit of an oversight on my part, you have to go to the manager’s console and select wrong turns.

There you can select the higher danger level arcade section. Get to the end, fight the boss, get the cheezy bar


really loved the concept and the game and a great time playing it even though in the beginning i was not knowing what i was doing it was a great fun and love the jokes and those skill i wish people had them in real life made a lets play hope you enjoy it 


Thanks for the content!

I love the concept of your game and it's style to the point of supporting your patreon. 

Now for the game, the permadeath function has a flaw where as long as you can't pay your debt when you get an employee "terminated", you get the pink slip and can reload with your employee to the area right before you died, effectively avoiding the consequences of the permadeath system. Also, I feel like enemy variety and room encounter variations are too little. I'm thinking this is something that's still being worked on and it currently is on a smaller scale as a demo. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work! 

This some good feedback, I'll be looking to it during development.

Deleted 6 days ago

Gotta hunker down and start watching all these lets plays at once!
Thanks for the video!

Darkest Dungeon was a huge inspiration for the mechanics and gameplay loop

This is a great game in my opinion, but I feel like the waitress is a little too powerful, because she does a lot of damage with a resource that you can get pretty easily and also can heal more health with one piece of trash than delivery boy can with 2 food. Also, delivery boy needs to be buffed a little, i think, Wambo combo heals little for how much it costs and doesn't even give trash or dishes. Sewer rat style gets you killed quickly the majority of the time and doesnt do much damage, and throwing the food is the worst attack that I found. The mascot also seems very weak with having little skill at anything but fun, which is mostly useless. Security guard is alright, but its really hard to get ammo (the best way i could was to farm vent monster and try to find a hobo in the alleyways). 

But i mean, its not a super big problem and its still a good game. Can't wait for the full release.

Yeah, some balancing is gna come in the full release
Thanks for the feedback!

I love this game and it being an RPGMaker game. Nice references and definitely looking out for the final product. 

Thank YOU for your playthrough!
Imma try to do as much as I can with rpgmaker as an engine

Nice game! I too am also making an RPGMaker game as well. I was wondering what tileset you used for the game, or if you created your own.


I used parallax mapping for all areas.

Interactive elements are characters/events.

whoaaaaaaaaaa did not expect that much for a demo this is amaxing! Can't wait for the full game :OOO

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THIS IS AMAZING! I can tell this is not a finished product, it's a little rough but DAMN great atmosphere, I can almost smell the stench of burnt cheese & unclean bratty children. Looks like those tables need a spritz of SaniClean and wiped down... Great idea, amazing execution. When I have enough money saved up, I'm becoming a patron. Reminds me of a few places I've worked at before.
*ecstatic applause*
Suggested alternate title: 'Merican Horror Story: Pizza Place

'Merican Horror Story: Fast Food Nightmare


Wow... Okay, I'm actually a little speechless. This is GREAT! I thought this would just be some crappy FNAF fangame, but it's actually pretty good (and also original). I seriously got into this game's lore and gameplay before it ended and I remembered it's a demo. BTW, what's a CRPG? I'm sorry I can't contribute, but if I could, you can bet this is one thing I'd be donating to so I could see it completed. Keep up the great work.

FNaF was a big inspiration, but had to be careful not to pull too much from it.

CRPG would stand for "Computer" or today, "Classic", largely based on text-based adventure games of yore

That certainly makes sense. Reminds me of certain dungeon crawling text adventures, especially with the Wrong Turn bits. The art and battles against unusual enemies remind me of Earthbound, in a way.

What engine are you using? Great game by the way!


Used Rpgmaker MV

Can't believe it! I have it too and I never thought you could make such PERFECT GAMES!


How did you make the effects and icons and stuff?? I LOVE YOU MY DUDE

*magic fingers* rpgmaker mv plugins!

Its easy with basic knowledge of the program to use plugins to make the game look and function differently from the given assets!

I’ll write a dev log or make documentation sometime about that

Okay! Thank you! I'll be waiting in happy seizures. :D 

Will you describe what plugins you used in the dev log?

Yeah, I may. 
But it'll take some time to make proper documentation

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