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Made an account just to comment. 

First horror game I actually bought because I was in love with the art style too much to pass it off; it's really well done. But I need to ask for help; no spoilers but just a good push in the right direction. 

I KNOW I'm missing something. I have all the plaques/endings except for ONE (the one furthest away from the door where all the certificates are displayed). 

Can you give me a hint? I've been stumped for literal hours and since no playthroughs have shown how to get 100%, I have no idea what to do. If anyone can help push me in the right direction; I'd be super grateful.

Thanks for reaching out!
If its the certificate farthest from the door, you'd have to choose the other option in the choice before the final boss.
Depending on the choice, you'll get a different boss and certificate
Hope that helps!

It honestly brought up more questions haha, but no worries! Knowing everything that I know, nothing stands out to me as "final boss". I have all the wrong turns.

Though, I'm wondering if I haven't even beaten the final boss yet. Would I have had to defeat the final boss in order to have every other certificate except for that furthest one?

(And please dear lord almighty don't tell me it has something to do with destroying ALL the cameras because theres one in the bathroom that is just mocking me because I can't get to it. If it does, then I have to ask for a hint to getting that. Again, I'm sorry for asking! I've just never been good with puzzles and I'm genuinely at a loss here.) 

Hey, I'm playing the mac OS port right now and it doesn't seem to let me save, at all. When I leave the options menu this shows up... I really want to play this game but my save data being erased every time I go to the main menu is incredibly discouraging.

the game didn't have a save folder for some reason. I added one in, and now its telling me that i'm missing some .rpgsave files.

seeing this after looking at your message on deviantart, I see how you added the save file.
When the game saves for the first time, it creates a save folder which it will keep the save file. But it must create this folder by itself when it saves for the first time as it contains files needed for proper running.

How did you solve this?

It's very rare to get horror right, let alone a pixel rpg horror. You nailed it. I had a blast the entire time playing from start to finish, figuring out the story, getting all the endings. It was a masterful combo from all elements, and I personally recommend for anyone looking for a wacky yet spooky game. I have personally played with MV myself, and its a great engine for what it is, but can be very limiting. You have truly made the most out of what it offers and created something truly wonderful. This game will keep me occupied for the time being and I look forward to any future projects you create.

Thank you for this wonderful experience.

Any chance of this game also being on Steam with Steam Achievements and all that? Also I gotta say good job on the pixel art it looks amazing and I love the whole feel of the game! I wish you luck on your future games!

The first game I bought on (thanks to 8-bit Ryan), and I loved it. The atmosphere, the story, the design... everything's so cool, I was only hopping for more hours to play.
I'll replay this game many times :D



It was awesome that 8-Bit Ryan played it, I watch his stuff a lot too

This is the first game I ever 100% it's quite a nice game and you should be proud of making it. When it was over I only wished that there was a little more. Great game, more than worth the price.

yo thats great!
thanks for playing

I'd been eager for this game since I played the demo some time ago, and have not been disappointed. I honestly love the dossier-upgrade-class system and would love to see that expanded upon in other games. The atmosphere's great, the soundtrack's effective, the art style is charming, and I'm one certificate off getting all the certificates and I KNOW there was somewhere I could put a stepladder that I missed SOMEWHERE and I CAN'T FIND IT and it is DRIVING ME INSANE. Five stars.

I am not hugely surprised that I was not the only, first, or even hundredth, probably, to make a YouTube video. Mine, however, is unprofessional and somewhat cursed, since problems with recording stopped me repeatedly and even this one has a technical difficulties twist ending! I will post it here for the sake of publicity and also in thanks for a great game. 

Thnx for the feedback, hope you find that Folding Stool!

Look forward to watching your video

I can't figure out how to get there a walkthrough anywhere?

I got 100%, but the game's "Wrong Turns" maps implies there's another wrong turn I haven't discovered yet, even after 100%ing it and I have no idea how to access it. The game is so new there's almost no information about this. 

If it's the Wrong Turn I'm did you 100% the game, then? One of the endings is IN that Wrong Turn.


Off the top of my head, the only Wrong Turn you dont have to do for 100% is the Freezer, which is in the Kitchen next to the arcade.

And you are correct, one of the certs is in that WT

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The games map makes it look like there should be a wrong turn in the security office, all I get is shot.

I figured out the animatronic in the hall on my own, I was missing a piece and didn't even realize it. 


Have you considered making a discord server for the game? We could use it for things like discussing the game and story and stuff 


Been looking into making one if enough ppl were interested 


Just wanted to congratulate you on making such a great game. I finished watching a stream of it and the work and passion you've put into this game is clear; I had to pick up a copy myself. I remember seeing your first project awhile ago and you've definitely come far! Keep up the great work, I'm excited to see what you'll bring in the future.

Great to hear from someone who played the ol’ steeze game haha

SPOILERS but a potential bug...

When you move the cat and go into the Time and Space Wrong Turn, during the boss fight the HUD bugged out, and no longer I had no idea the status of my party. I managed to win, but only because I got SUPER lucky, and healed every other turn.


Noted! That may be the engine processing all the characters during the batte, which would usually have mixed results even during development 

I’m still looking into it however, and thanks for the feedback 

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After some initial frustration with the combat, It eventually clicked and I played it all in one sitting! If I've got any hints for people frustrated with the combat, it's that the various items you can buy are oftentimes significantly more powerful then skills, even.

And to offer some critique, the employee rerolling thing seems a little odd, mostly just seems to keep you from progressing if you get too low of stats or whatever, accuracy can be a real pain at lower stat levels.

Definitely worth the five bucks! Though I am curious if I've actually 100%ed the game, I feel like there's a couple of items I'm missing, and some extraneous ones.


Great feedback! 

hope you’re able to get the 100% cert

Great game. Got the 100% and loved every second of it. The only tiny thing I can complain about is, that the minigames can be frustrating as you easly get stuck on the edges. Otherwise I can highly recommend it.

thanks, definitely noted on the minigames

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A week ago i buy your game and <3 Today i ended and i rly love it, some times i feel's like i forget some items but it's just my paranoid, good work!

Just got told I 100% the game. Dang that was fun! I was paranoid because there was still some unused items but I seriously enjoyed the game. Thanks for the experience!

You’re welcome

Glad you enjoyed it!

I love this game, but I do feel like I should tell the devs... the Attendant is completely broken. Rolled them as my first character, and was having an expectedly difficult time with battles... until I found the Attendant Dossier. Quickly discovered that loading up on cameras lets you stunlock all enemies, then gives you the material needed for an attack against all enemies, and essentially makes you invincible. And trust me, getting enough money for cameras is not a problem after you discover this. Despite the flavor text, I've never seen the camera fail to stun any enemy. I wanted to give you guys a heads up about this, because I'm sure this wasn't your intention! This really is a great game and I'm still really enjoying it even though I accidentally broke it!

There are a lot of mechanics that were intended to be taken advantage of actually! Glad to know the Attendant hasn’t fallen on the wayside compared to the other employees 

Oh cool! Glad it's exactly what you intended, then! And here I was thinking I'd broken it lol

I like how the various classes all have their quirks.  I wound up stuck as a Mascot for the majority of my 100% playthrough, because once I got the hang of it deaths were few and far between.  The one time I got caught with some bad luck, the game rolled the exact same mascot (including quirks) and that's how I finished.

Yeah rng in the engine can be repetitive, though i did implement some form of exclusivity between rolls

I thought for certain there were fights that were impossible until I discovered the Disposable Camera trick. It might be considered over powered, but I felt it was just a great trick that when you've earned enough money, you can exploit it after having your butt kicked so many times. 

I also got lucky enough to get a well rolled Waitress who was chill with high stats and played as her for most of my 100% completion.

Glad to be able to play more of this game, finally :P

Hope ya’ll enjoy it!

awww man, gonna need help if I'm going to continue it. I was in the Lobby after some hard work, I went to check my employee card and the game also picked up the Phone - exiting the menu has now quite literally Frozen my game stuck with a game breaking bug where I can't cancel, do anything, move, or go anywhere. I don't want to redo my progress, some kind of hotfix to unstuck me would be greatly appreciated. Going into the menu while near a phone is very problematic in the game.

Perhaps a button that emergency-sends to the manager desk?

Sorry you encountered that, there were some reports on that prior to release but it was hard to replicate the issue.

When you close the game, it should bring you back to where it last saved, but the phones are made to save when used.

Wish i could do more to help, but i’ll be looking for a solution 

If anything, you can send me a copy of your save file and i can plug it into the project to see what happened

ok, after some testing I was able to get unstuck after replicating the issue. The cause is a little complex, but you won't lose your save if you do encounter it.
- Once loading/continuing the file from the title screen, spam 'X'

- If still stuck/frozen, close the game and reopen the game and repeat the last step. (spam X when you load your file)

- This should bring up a menu(it may be blank), which you can cancel out of and move again.

Again, sorry you encountered this issue. I'll see if I can remedy it come a future patch.

Almost 100% complete (I think?) and I love the game so much. From the graphics, soundtrack, to the overall aesthetic of the game, I wish I could keep playing it forever! 

Ah man! I know what I'm doing tonight after work!

yeeeeeaaahhh booooiii
Though from my playthroughs, its a bit of a stressful experience haha

This game is so much fun and who couldn't love the aesthetics. I can't wait for the completed version.

i  havent checked this in a while and DANG this is growing and im getting even more hyped

The meal's close to done!


All I got to say is this is an amazing RMMV horror CRPG. There are a few loopholes and exploits that I abused the crap out of, but I'm sure those will be fixed. I can't wait to see an updated or full version of this game! Again, really great job and can't wait to see more from this developer.

Thanks for taking the time!

Look forward to watching your video


Really great game so far! Here's the second part out of three. In the final episode I'll show off all the fights and little secrets in the game. Also I'll bring up three loop holes I found to pretty much become invincible.

(1 edit) (+1)

This is a really new take on the RPG horror format! Things are rather confusing, but I'm figuring things out as I go.


Look forward to your video


I love this game so much and I can't wait for the full release! Looking forward to seeing what you do with the game.


nice video!




The ductway perspective looks really bad. Like really bad. I hope it's a place holder.


This game was great! The atmosphere, the unspoken lore, gameplay, immersion, itch for more, I can honestly go on. This is a very well-crafted game. I honestly cannot wait to see the full version!

Feel free to check out my experience!



Look forward to watching ur video!


BRUH your game never stops to suprise me its a really fun time playing  and would love  to play the full game this is the third and last for now gameplay of your game hope you enjoy watching and also if i miss something  would mean alot if you could help ;>


Just wanted to say I discovered this game thanks to Neco on YouTube, over all it's a pretty awesome game and my biggest complaint right now is waiting for another update because I want to see more so badly. Don't take that as me pressuring you to hurry up, I just wanted you to know how much I actually enjoyed the demo.

The only other minor complaint I have so far is the enemy variation. I understand that a horror game doesn't need to have blood and guts to be scary, but if I am being honest, I was tired of seeing garbage bags and arcade cabinets by the time I got done with the demo. And honestly, I grew up in the late 80s and am a splatter/exploitation film fan, so I do hope to see some more gruesome stuff later.

I hope you do end up incorporating some simulation aspects to the game. I think it'd be pretty intresting trying to balance a roguelike while also trying to keep the store clean and keeping regular business coming in.

I hope you continue with these neat little stories as you get lost in the resturant. I had no idea completing harder versions of "dungeons" actually tied in with the story of the game until I did it myself and it was a nice surprise. I think it'd be neat if each one had more than one story, even if they are random events.

Further, it'd be cool to see some other character classes in th game, so I hope that's something you considered, like a shift manager (which is differant than a store manager) or even a porter. I worked as one for two years and it involved coming in early to clean up the store, change around signs and manage inventory for the store doing rotations of products.

Other than that, I've seen a few people complain about the difficulty of the game, but once you manage to establish a base character at the resturant, I don't feel like it's too overly difficult, I think it's just the right level of difficulty. You are doing a great job designing a roguelike while not being too unforgiving, too many developers think making a roguelike means being hard as balls and I've never found that fun.

Keep up the good work dude!


hey, it's me again.

Wild question.

Was that Clown thing always there? it give me the chills when i whatch it closely.


There's several in the arcade. 


I think pizza game is good i die yes haha


I was about to say tons of stuff that will never to get to anything so i just reduced everything to this:

"I love the game more than i thought i would.

And i notice other people feel the same. 

I hope that this will be know at a global scale! (I even hope you can make merch)"

Keep going with it. -Your friend with weird ideas, Naachikko


Ey thanks for your thoughts 

May consider some limited run stuff further along the line


Spent about 2 hours on the game and "beat" the demo and I got a lotta feedback for ya, if you're interested.

But first and foremost I gotta say I love the atmosphere, humor, and overall mood of this game already. Very excited to continue playing it throughout it's development. I do like this game but I have some suggestions to make it... More enjoyable? For me at least.

1. Personally, I think you need to buff the characters plain attacks a bit. I tried a stroll in the alleyway and lost to a garbage bag on the first stage. I shot it with four bullets (some missed and others only did 5) which cost 40 dollars worth of grinding from that merchant dude. Needless to say, I was a little peeved.

2. Another thing you could think about is regenerating trash maybe? Cause it's easy to come across in the alleyways (if you survive) but then you have to sit through the same dialogue over and over and it gets boring pretty quick.

3. The escape. Please do something with the chance on the escape. I swear throughout my whole playthrough I only escaped about 6 times. And I tried to escape at least once on most bodybags and cabinets. It cannot be 50/50... Unless my luck is just terribly awful. My point is I died a lot and it kinda took the fun out of it since you can't avoid most creatures.

4. Speaking of... I know the rooms are generated and you already have that one room in the alleyway with the "run!" Sign but a few more rooms like that would be great in later levels. Just so you don't feel so trapped when you run across some bad luck? I know random choice is a part of it but it got real difficult for me when I kept dying over and over because my guy was too weak and the room kept spawning a two limbed or three limbed bodybag I couldn't escape from. you need to complete the dungeon for cash to buy things to eat or fight with it but to complete the dungeon you need those things already so it's a bit of a conundrum.

5. (This one might just be my terrible terrible luck since I've seen it work for others playing on YouTube but thought I'd mention it) every time I found a giftbox, open or unopened, it was always an enemy of some sort. The two on the regular floors were exceptions I think but every dungeon I saw them in it was always a monster. I might just be salty over my rotten rotten luck but idk this might a common complaint so thought I'd throw it out there. 

Final notes: 

I don't know if you know this but there's a bit of a hack to keeping or getting rid of characters. If you got a character you want to keep, like a mascot with 2 competence for instance, if you die you just attack the collector and it takes you right back to where you were so you can back out or hope for a better room change then keep playing same guy over and over. If you want to get rid of someone without firing for 50 bucks just die then hit the escape on him (which felt a lot more 50/50 to me than the other monster's for some reason) and then you get a different character, or the same with different stats at least. This could be intentional but I have no clue. It just seems weird with all the money connected to it.

That's another confusing thing. When you die it takes away 50, right? So you should go back to zero in that time you "fight" the collector. But if you escape it says you recieve 50$. But when you get the new character your usually back to zero. At least, that was my case. 

Okay so all in all, like the game though it's kind of hard and honestly I had to watch another youtuber because I was stumped on how to find the cheezy bars. With that in mind, was there anyway to open that door in the v.2 of the demo? Cuz I went through the trouble of getting another cheezy bar for the guy in the car after I gave one to the puppet and saw the show/credits (nice ending line btw) but the window was fogged up it said. I didn't complete the extermination mode of the alleyways because I didn't think it was necessary but is that the only way to do it? Or maybe it's not out yet who knows.

Either way, looking forward to updates and I hope any of my feedback helped at least a little and didn't come off as whining. But again this was based on my own experience so please don't think it's bad or anything. I mean, I did go pretty hard for a demo in only v.2 but I don't really leave comments so forgive me.

This is way too long, sorry, good luck, and bye!


Thats some good feedback, a lot of the issues mentioned are currently addressed within development or being reworked.

Escape chances are always the same, but this and RNG for other skills are being balanced. 

The death/Collector segment is also being reworked and the +$50 thing, given the scenario was an error on my part.

Thanks again!

no prob bob! and good luck with the rest of the game! ill make sure to drop by now and again to see it :D



much horror

so creep

Thanks for the playthrough!


I loved this game.  I hope it gets a full release, because this was a really good game.  I wasn't expecting this to be this good.  Thanks for making an awesome game!  


This game was brilliant, huge fan of this gameplay. Check out my video hopefully you like it too. :)


This game was sooooo good even though this is just the demo! It had so much replayability with each death and it was just so fun to play! I need answers to the story behind this game's pizzeria!!!!

(1 edit) (+1)

Hello! I wanted to try out this game- seeing Vinny played it got me really excited to try it out. Do you know if there's a reason it would crash after the training video? I've not been able to figure it out myself. Thanks!

Edit: I fixed it by launching it as an administrator- hope that helps anyone else who had this issue!


Thanks for bringing this to my attention!

Great that you got it working though, I’ll be looking into the issue 


No problem! I love the game, btw!


here is  The SECOND part of this funny game


Thanks, I look forward to watching your playthroughs


Hi, i love the game. Can i do the spanish translation?

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